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   There is too much hype that builds up the Super Bowl as the best football game ever. When you consider that the Super Bowl is usually over at half-time, I don't understand why they hype it up so much. Fifteen of the twenty-seven Super Bowls have been decided by two touchdowns or more.

It all starts two weeks before the Super Bowl when both the AFC and NFC championship games are over and you know who the two teams in the Super Bowl will be. The media starts making predictions and the players start shooting off their mouths. On TV, ESPN has updates every day leading up to the Super Bowl, which usually talk about nothing.

A week before the Super Bowl, the media travels to where the Super Bowl is being held to find any great news stories. Nothing ever happens, but the media digs into everything to find a story. The only thing that happened this year was Daryl Talley of the Bills got in a barroom fight. Talley denied it and the media exaggerated everything because it was the only thing they had to talk about.

Two days before the so-called "big game," the media says it is going to be a great matchup and a close game, but everyone knows it will be a blow-out.

One day before the Super Bowl, everyone on every channel in the world makes a prediction on who is going to win.

Then it is the day of the Super Bowl. ESPN is reviewing everything that could happen in the game and giving us their "keys" to the game. Of course, it is only ten o'clock in the morning and the game is not until six, but ESPN is always ready to talk about the Super Bowl.

The game is on at six o'clock, so you figure they will start the pre-game show at 5: 30, but no, they start at 3: 30. It is the most boring pre-game show ever. We have to watch Bob Costas interview everyone in Pasadena and watch Mike Ditka and O.J. Simpson play video games. Is this the reason they start the show two and a half hours before game time?

At half time, they have a show that lasts a half hour. There are about 1,000 people, floats and other things in the production to make this an extravaganza. This year, megastar Michael Jackson did the show. I don't understand why they have such a big deal at half-time. The game was a blow-out and no one was watching anyway.

Finally the game is over and you think the hype is over, but it is not. There is a post-game show with interviews with the winners and losers. On ESPN they have a post Super Bowl Show that tells us how great the Dallas Cowboys are and how bad the Buffalo Bills are. For the next two days, the media talked about whether or not Dallas and Buffalo would be good next year.

All this hype for one game that is boring and over-rated. The hype starts two weeks before and ends about a week after the game. The media just keeps talking and talking about the game. So, I would like to see the media hype up something worth watching like the World Series or the NBA Championship, not the Super Bowl. n

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