Are The /*96 Chicago Bulls Really The Best Team Ever? MAG

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   The game of basketball has seen many great teams in its history. Among them are the Lakers with Kareem Abdul Jabar and Magic Johnson, the Sixers with superstar Julius Erving, and the great Celtics with Larry Bird. However this year these teams were surpassed by the record-breaking 1996 Chicago Bulls. The Bulls shattered the record for the most games won in a season, making them the best team in NBA history.

This statement may be debated, of course. The only team that can be compared to the '96 Bulls would be the Boston Celtics team of '86. Many people will say that that Celtics team is still the best ever. Some may say that during the time of the Celtics' great run, there was more competition and equality between the teams. However some may favor the Bulls and say that the players of today have more talent, skill, and athletic ability, so competition is even tougher.

Both teams are equal in talent. Each has a superstar and two other great players. The Celtics had Larry Bird and the Bulls have Michael Jordan. The Celtics also had McHale and Parish, and the Bulls have Pippen and Rodman.

Despite the Bulls' record they are not the best team ever in the history of the NBA. The best team in the NBA is still the '86 Celtics. That team not only had the talent but they had heart. They wanted to win and they had the hearts of champions. During the years around '86, there was also more competition and equality between the teams. Each team had a star and a few good players. There were also many huge rivalries.

The '96 Bulls are a great team and they have the record to prove it, but the '86 Celtics were just too good. They are still the best team to ever play in the history of the National Basketball Association. l

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belikemike said...
on Jul. 22 2010 at 12:47 am
Not a chance, MJ's record setting 96 Bulls would kicks the 86 clets and Birds butts. 96 Bulls are best ever and the record proves it


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