Tiger Woods -- Of The Human Race This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.

   By this time just about everyone everywhere must have heard the name Tiger Woods. In case you haven't, he is the 21-year-old "golf genius," and former student of Stanford University. Not long ago, Woods won the PGA Championship by shooting 18 under par. Woods surpassed all records. He has suddenly been placed in the ranks with many famous athletes including basketball star and friend, Michael Jordan. However, along with all this praise and fame, there is unfortunately controversy.

Woods' father is an African-American and his mother is Asian. Recently, golf pro Fuzzy Zoeller made a racial comment, causing an uproar. I simply don't understand the reason for this. Not only was it uncalled for, but stupid to say about a beloved public figure. Tiger Woods is no different from any other citizen of the United States with the exception of his golf ability. Since the minute of his championship win, Woods has been faced with questions about how it feels to be the first African-American and Asian-American to win the PGA Championship. I don't understand why the fact that a black/Asian American won - not the fact Tiger Woods the person won - was highlighted. In every newspaper, I found at least three paragraphs about his race, rather than his personality or golf game.

Just a few days ago Tiger and his father were on "Oprah" and when she asked what his race was, Tiger's father answered: the human race. I understand that being the first African/Asian-American to set such phenomenal records in golf is incredible (and a point to which much praise should be given), but I believe there is more being made of this than is necessary.

Tiger Woods is now a prominent role model for many kids as well as adults and is a name that has just begun to dazzle the human mind. I just hope the next time others, like Fuzzy Zoeller and the press, allow the attention to be given where it is due: to Tiger Woods, the person and golfer. He is a person who just does what he does best because he loves the sport. l

This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. This piece has been published in Teen Ink’s monthly print magazine.

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