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By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown


The whistle blows
The ball is kicked
Across the field to me it comes
I dribble it up the line
Past one defender
Across another
Only one left
I pass it
He puts it back to me behind the defender
I dribble a little farther
I pull the trigger
Suddenly my legs are tugged out from under me
The ref blows the whistle as he
points the penalty marker
One shot could decide the game and I take it
I set up
The ref blows the whistle
I take a deep breath
One look at one corner, I shoot
to the other
The ball zooms past the diving goalie
My team and the crowd erupt

by Jarrod L., Williamsville, NY

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cali said...
on Oct. 14 2011 at 11:47 am

this sucks its terrible



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