No World Series?

December 4, 2009
By bballfan5 BRONZE, Manchester, Missouri
bballfan5 BRONZE, Manchester, Missouri
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The other team wins as the Cubs deteriorate yet again. It was all because of the goat who cursed the team forever.

The Chicago Cubs baseball team is a laughing joke. They have very little team history; their one key piece of history is that they haven’t won a World Series match since 1908. The team uses so much money to bring in baseball’s top players, but once they reach there, the talent is taken away from them. Alfonso Soriano drops fly balls in the outfield and Derek Lee gets into fist fights with his teammates after being hit by a pitch. This team is a disgrace.

Ivy grows on the outfield walls as the stadium decays in the reeks of the Cubs; maybe that’s why the outfielders can’t catch the ball. The old rafters dangle in shame as they never had a championship game at Wrigley Field. An antique marquee board stands outside trying to persuade people to like the Cubs. Their scoreboard sits there in centerfield as it keeps the time of the Cubs losing streaks. Behind the ivy is a brick wall; the wall of injury sits there to feed upon the weak. In fact, the dugout gets more action than the ball field: two Cubs players, Carlos Zambrano and Michael Barrett, got into a fight, and their manager throws temper tantrums there.

The Cubs have had a rivalry with the Cardinals forever as both teams and fans hate each other. For example, St. Louis has so many t-shirts that torment the Cubs for their winless steak. One t-shirt talks about how it would take the Cubs 505 years to reach the Cardinal’s championship total. Another one says, “Choke. The official drink of the Cubs. 1908 wasn’t that long ago.” Whenever the two sets of fans interact, chaos brakes out; these fights mainly break out during and after the games. One time after another Cardinal victory over the Cubbies, a fan took out his anger of a Cardinal fan. The man got himself into a pickle as he was eventually surrounded by Cardinal fans. The man never said anything else.
Curses haunt the team as they put a stop to the Cubs. Once a black cat walked by the dugout and believably put a curse on the team’s playing for the month of September. The team normally is on the rise, but come every September, they go downhill. Another incident was the goat. Once a man brought his goat into the game, and the goat gave off a nasty odor. The fans were complaining of the stench of the goat. The man and the goat were ejected in the fourth inning, and from there, the man cursed the Cubs saying they will never win a World Series. They have never been to one since. Lastly, Steve Bartman caught a foul ball off the Marlins ball team to help them turn the game around and beat the Cubs. The Marlins would go on to win the World Series. Curses build up and for this team, there is no limit.

The Cubs play just fine, but the attitude of the team brings them down. Since they have a loss over the years, they get really mad and try to hard and strike out the next few games. Those fans put up with the team by some means. Like the great manager Ozzie Guillen declared, “Our fans are not stupid like Cubs fans.”

The author's comments:
What inspied me was my knowledge of baseball and how much I hate the Cubs.

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