My Time

November 26, 2009

My heart sped up the moment I stepped out onto the basketball court. I heard the fans screaming and cheering for us while we were warming up. This was the most important game of the year. We were vs. our rivals….Mountain view. Coach Smith wasn’t playing me much the last couple of games, but I wanted to play in this game. I wanted to beat them bad. I saw my mother in the stands and smiled. She smiled back at me and gave me the "you can do it" look. I rolled my eyes. She always had confidence in me. The buzzer sounded and we went to the bench. The starters took their positions. The ref thru the ball up in the air and the game began.
My eyes never left the court. I followed my teammates’ every move. The game was neck and neck the whole first quarter. Coach was getting angry and wasn’t making very many substitutions. Disappointment surged through me each time he called someone else to go in. The second quarter Mountain View began with the lead, but we pulled ahead with a couple seconds left in the first half. I could see Sarah and Julie dripping with sweat and heaving for air with their hands on their knees. My heart ached, reaching out to them wishing I could do something to help. A ref suddenly called an offensive foul on Julie and I leaped off the bench in rage. My teammates felt my fury and joined me. The gym was full of boos and yelling. The buzzer sounded and we went to the locker room. That scene is not something I care to remember. The coaches’ glares were enough to have me back tracking. The whole locker room shook with anger and fear.
We made our way back into the gym and readied ourselves for the next round. Again the game was neck and neck. Julie was exhausted and getting hammered in the paint. Sam was tiring and getting thrown to the floor. Sarah was even slowing down and slacking on defense. By this point in the game I didn’t expect to be put in. But to my surprise Smith turned to me and said “Your going in, get ready.” My body suddenly went numb. My palms began to sweat and I felt as if I had no legs. I couldn’t move. I didn’t want to blow this game; I didn’t want to mess up. Somehow I found the courage to move. I leaped off of the bench and ran to check in. I took slow deep breaths and reminded myself to have confidence. I looked up at my mother; she saw how nervous I was and looked at me intently, and gave me a reassuring smile. I knew she loved me and had confidence in me. I ran in and called my teammate’s name. I defended the star shooter and my nerves went into over drive. I didn’t want to guard her, but there was no way I was letting her score on me. I bent my knees and prepared myself for an epic battle. The opponents passed the ball back and forth to each other until they scored. Now it was our ball. Jackie thru the ball to me and they began to press us. I caught it and drove around the girl in front of me. Another girl came towards me at full speed but I remained calm and bounced the ball behind my back, passing her. I saw Julie up court and I heaved the ball up to her with all my might. She caught it and scored. A smile spread across my face and I got ready to defend again.
We battled back and forth with points, neither of us giving up. My legs began to burn and ache with pain. My thoughts drifted to my teammates, they were counting on me. I couldn’t let them down. So I fought through it. Sweat was dripping down my face and my heart pounded each second, hoping we would get a lead. A Mountain View girl shot and missed. I grabbed the ball and sprinted down the court. I pushed my legs faster and harder hearing footsteps behind me; I looked up and saw Sarah. I thrust the ball up to her and she made a reverse lay-up. She was fouled and was going to the line. I breathed a sigh of relief and hugged her. I was so happy she made that basket. The ref gave her the ball and she made both free throws. My body soared with joy. We were ahead by six points with one minute left in the game. We backed up and readied ourselves for the next play. They shot the ball at least four times and missed each time.
Only 25 seconds left, we had to get the ball. The big Mountain View girl went up for a shot and Julie hit her on the arm. The ref blew his whistle and she went to the line. My stomach ached. I didn’t want to lose. Leaning over I heaved for air and closed my eyes not wanting to look to see if she made it or not. She made the first shot, and I cursed under my breath. She got ready for the next shot. I had to look this time so I could grab the ball. That ball was going to be mine. I bent my knees and turned my body ready to go. The basketball left her fingers and soared to the hoop. It bounced off the back board to the ground. Using all of my strength I dashed across the paint and flew to the ball. I pulled it to me and tucked it into my chest. Knowing the Mountain View players were heading towards me I looked for an open teammate. My eyes darted to Sam waving her arms in the air frantically. I jumped in the air and launched it to her. She caught it and waited for the clock to wind down. Only three seconds left. The buzzer went off and I screamed. I jumped in the air and yelled “we won!” Relief and joy filled me. We really did it. I ran full speed to my teammates and hugged them. The crowd chanted “this is our house” and it echoed through out the whole gym. My teammates and I headed to the locker room screaming, but I stopped at the locker room door and I glanced back at the gym. I did it! Happiness just ran through every part of me. A huge smile slowly spread across my face replaying the game in my mind. I felt confident in myself once again.

The author's comments:
This was a game that I played in and it was one of the most memorable and amazing games of my life.

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