The One Goal Game

November 1, 2009
By , jeannette, PA
The Allegheny Badgers were almost ready to play the South Hills Panthers in an electrifying game. Both teams came out of the locker room and skated onto the ice for warm up. The Badgers looked liked they had an abundant of speedy skaters, but the Panthers goalie looked liked she could stop everything. The first period has just begun as the referee dropped the puck at center ice. Both teams take many excellent shots. There was soon only three minutes left in the first period as the Badgers defenseman, number thirteen took a wicked slap shot. The goalie stopped the puck, however gave up a weak rebound, as number eighty-seven was camped out in front of her net and backhanded it into the net. Her teammates pounded their sticks on the ice and the Badger fans clapped joyfully in celebration of the goal. Shortly after the goal, the first period ended with the score one to zero. The referee blew his whistle, eager to start the second period. South Hills was off to an exceptional start. They had great puck movement and tough shots but number eighty, the Badgers goalie, made many breath-taking saves. By now the second period was over and the third period was about to begin in couple of minutes. This period was flying by quickly as both goalies were making unbelievable saves. With about seven minutes left in the period, the Badgers received a penalty for tripping. South Hills only took a couple of shots because they could not skate into the zone with the tremendous Badger defense. Before long, there was one minute left on the power play for South Hills as the Badgers took another weak penalty for tripping. This gave the Panthers a five on three. The penalties seemed to go fast because the Panthers could not capitalize. By now, the third period was over and the Badgers had a remarkable win with a goal by number eighty-seven.

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