November 5, 2009
By luckigrl11 BRONZE, Somewhere, Ohio
luckigrl11 BRONZE, Somewhere, Ohio
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"Life's not about waiting for the storm to pass, its about learning to dance in the rain."

Soccer's always been my thing. I wasn't great when i was younger but i had a passion for it and as i grew up the passion turned into a talent. I love the way you can glide down the sideline with the ball at your feet, using your senses to pass any opponent, to cross a ball and get an assist for your team. I love the rush you get when you are in a physical fight for the ball. And the thrill of scoring. Soccer I am sure of I will excel at even more. Sure I'm smart too, have great friends, and such but soccer's the one place where you can escape everything and do what you love. Where if you're angry you can kick the ball and not worry about someone getting hurt. Where if your sad you get your mind off of it by focusing on the situation at hand (WINNING THE GAME). It has one objective in mind, it's a simple game that takes a long time to master. I'm not sure I want this to become a career but I can't imagine life without playing this thrilling, painful, amazing game. It's a world-wide game that turns the nerdiest, or girliest people into strong players, because in soccer your not put into a stereotype, but you're put into a family. I've met great people in this game, some that have become best friends, and why would I ever want to quit that. :)

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