October 20, 2009
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Roar of the crowd, sent of the freshly cut grass, roll coaster of emotions. It’s the game of soccer dribble, dribble, pass, run, score. My first sport to play excited to meet new people and to be a part of something. Wild cats was my first teams name most of the girl’s on the team I still play with on my recent team the hurricanes with 12 girls and 9 that stayed together for eight years so far. The things you get to experience while playing are amazing. You hear the crazy fans cheering “ GO HURRICANES!” my coach yelling, and the four teammates bouncing up and down the sidelines. We always love a treat like well grown fruits on the sideline (ex. Grapes, Oranges) sitting there till half time. Girls and girls bricking at each other. The smell of the wet grass that all the girls fall and play the rough game on. New coffee right out of the pot that tired moms bring to the games. I love the feeling that runs up and down my body when I play. Blood flows faster and faster through my body the building of an adrenalin rush. Angry, hopeful, happy, it’s like everything in my world stops and it’s just the ball and me. Parents on the sideline chatting with one another about how proud they are. The game I have been playing since I was a little six year old with pigtail in, with dreams and hopes of one day becoming- “ the world best soccer player.” The most memorable moment for my soccer history is when I scored my first goal. It was a tied game two to two; coach yell’s form the side-“Megan move to forward striker!” the feeling that at this point I could actually have a chance at scoring and the anger building inside of me made me want to score even more. I had the ball right under my cleat running as fast as I could toward the goal. Now it was just the goaly and I had to score. In the end it was three to two my goal made the winning point I was so proud of myself. The game I have been paying since I was six still continues to me the highlight of my Saturday mornings.

Peace its not just a trend but its dream. People have many opinions on it. Is it worth the killing of other souls? Or if we want peace we fight for what we believe in? In my eyes I think that the definition of peace would be bringing families back together, no war and to love each other.

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