October 20, 2009
By Chris Allen BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
Chris Allen BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
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dripping from my nose. There was two minutes thirty seconds left in the game. The game was all tied up 35 to 35 and they had the ball at our 40 yard line. The crowd was yelling…….. my coaches shouting……..the noises were entering my head from all directions…….and then a small barely audible sound echoed in my head; it was hike. I readied my self to make a good play. The first play went no where at all. On second down they did a pass……. My legs were pumping……..the adrenaline was coursing through my body. The ball was released and to the person I was covering…………..I leaped into the air to catch the ball……. I didn’t think I was going to make it….....I stretched out my arms…….. and all of the sudden I felt the rough leather scrape across my fingertips. I gripped the ball as hard as I could and came to the ground with the ball in my hands. I sprinted towards the end zone but got hit extremely hard at the 36 yard line. Coach took me off the field-My legs flopped around like rubber and my head was throbbing; I still could play. The anticipation was building inside me and it felt as if I had no control over what was happening.

On first down we ran the ball to the right side and scored a touchdown. The extra point was an easy point. The score was 42 to 35 as we kicked off to them from our 40 yard line. The kick was downed on the 26 yard line. It was time for our defense to stop them before they scored.

After the interception all they did was run so it ran out the clock and they didn’t get huge chunks of yardage. The ending score was 43 to 35 so our coach took us to his house to celebrate. After the game I knew we were going to the carnation bowl and it was partially because of my big interception; that gave me a feeling unimaginable to any other.

The author's comments:
This is about a football game I played in.

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