Down Goes Tebow

October 20, 2009
By bdub2 BRONZE, Littlton, Colorado
bdub2 BRONZE, Littlton, Colorado
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It’s the big day, today we play our SEC rivals Kentucky in there house. As I sit in the locker room with my team as we prepare to take down Kentucky I’m already feeling a little sick as I caught a virus on the way here. As the coach comes in to give us our pre game speech I hear the roar of the giant crowd outside filled with gator fans but mostly wildcat fans. I manage to zone out the crowd to here coach finish up his speech with lets kick some butt. Then we break it down with a Loud WIN then we start to walk out the tunnel. Getting hurt was the last thing on my mind until I saw the giant Kentucky linemen and linebackers. As I inspect the giant defense the referees call out the captains. I jog to the reefs and the head reef tells me to call it in the air. He flips it I loudly say heads its heads we would like to receive I tell him. The return team runs out on the field and they get it to the thirty two yard line. I run out to the field and get my team roiling. As the game goes on we have a commanding lead. We huddle up and I call a play 482 slant, it’s a pass. We go up to line and I get under center and I see the linebackers running up to blitz and all I can think is are they going to blitz or not. Then I hike the ball and drop back. The sweat running down my face and my eyes scanning the field for an open receiver but they are all covered then the crowd starts to uproar and I start to think what is happening is someone open but I can’t see it. Then I hear the 270 pound linebacker tracking me down but before I can turn the giant linebacker hits me with as much force as a 60 mph truck. Before I know it I am parallel to the ground and it fells like I am in slow motion until I hit the ground and blackout. When I finally come back to my senses which felt like four hours after the hit. I’m laying on my back with the trainers knelling over me telling me to stay still. I only remember the final moments when I was facing the ground in the air. They said I have been out for four minutes but I don’t believe them. They have me stand up and my head is bursting with pain. Then as I’m half way of the field my stomach starts to rumble then out of no were vomit burst out of my mouth. I can’t believe what is happening that one hour ago I was healthy and know I’m in the worst condition I have ever been in. The trainers are talking to me but I can’t make out what their saying until I see the ambulance. Then I know that I’m in a bad state of health.

As I sit in the ambulance I start to get dizzy and the paramedic is asking I I’m ok but don’t answer because I don’t want to risk throwing up on him. Then as we get to the hospital I start to feel better. I start to think to myself that I got of easy and my football career could have been over but I’m thankful that it isn’t. And most of all I hope I never go through this experience again.

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