October 19, 2009
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In Cooperstown, New York two summers ago it was a blast and I had a lot of fun. It was the biggest tournament of all time; besides the Little League World series. The tournament we were in stated: July 14 to July 19. The first day of playing baseball in Cooperstown, New York was by far my favorite. We played a Massachusetts team: Explosion. When I came up to the plate we were winning four to zero. I look at my base coach from the batters box and got the sign and looked at all the bases and they were loaded. As I came up to the plate I felt my heart beating so fast and powerful.

“Strike One” yelled the umpire. “Strike two” he yelled again. I said to myself don’t strike out choke up and protect the plate. I said this is a once in a lifetime chance make it worth it. I step back into the batters box and prepared for the pitch to come. I was so focused on the upcoming pitch before I knew it was coming down the plate. BAM!
the loud noise of the ball hitting the metal bat pierced my ears. I ran my hardest to first base not thinking it could go over the 10 foot wall. As I rounded first base I saw it go over the fence. My team’s crowd went ecstatic as we just doubled our score and basically ended the game. I was so proud of myself and so was everyone else. When we went back to the bunk house everyone kept talking about how great my grand slam was and how key it was to ensure that we won the game. That was the story for the rest of the night and till our next game.

My team ended up winning the game ten to zero. We went five and four in the tournament. According to the stats I hit the first grand slam of the tournament for that week. I also hit another home run in the 6th game we played and we won that game
two to zero and I was a key to wining that game. This was one of the best tournaments of my life and I had so much fun staying there with my teammates. Every year I wish more and more that I could go back to Cooperstown, New York.

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