October 19, 2009
By coco! BRONZE, Lakewood, Arizona
coco! BRONZE, Lakewood, Arizona
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After we get all packed up, get the car loaded and get all the food we usually leave at 11:30 12:00. It’s a bit of a long drive so I usually sleep in the hauler on the way there. Finally we get there and the crew and I hop out of the hauler to get our wristbands on. The fee to get in to the pits it is a whooping 20$ for people that have a license a 30$ for people who don’t have a license. My dad and Lacy pay for me and I don’t have a license. We get into the pits and the crew, who is Nick, Mark, Tony, Lacy, and I. the crew unloads the race car and I have to go get tires. Lacy puts the radios out so we can communicate with my dad. My dad gives me money and I go down to the tire station were they mount the tires. I get them mounted and I com back my dad is usually on the track hot lapping. so he takes the old tires from the weekend before that and hot laps on them because we want fresh tires for hot lapping. “Put the tires on go, go, go,” Nick our crew chief says. We have to go scuff the tires to get all of the stickers of the tires. My dad comes back in so we can take the fresh tires off and put the old ones on. Finally we finish hot lapping and mow its time for qualifying. We put the fresh tires on. Qualifying is only 2 laps long. Now its time to eat im starved. “So what’s for lunch” I asked lacy replied “sandwiches” Oh cool im so hungry. I get my sandwich and inhale it down. Some nights we have 40 lappers but tonight we just have a heat and a main. I am in charge of my dad’s helmet. When its dark he has to have a clear visor and when its sunny out I have to make sure he has a dark visor on. My dad gets his fire suit on, his gloves, fire shoes, and his gloves. Nick asks me, “Do we have enough gas in the car?” I reply “Yes there is enough gas in the car I just filled up.” “Ok good just making sure.” “Ok” I replied. Finally its time for the heat my dad gets all of his gear on for safety. Nick stays down were he can talk to him. He runs back after my dad is ready to go for the race. He is the crew chief so he has to spot so my dad doesn’t run into anyone. He gets back to spot for my dad. My dad gets announced and so do the other drivers. There off well long race short my dad won and wherein the winners circle and it was really fun. So we push the car back to the pit and we are usually the last ones so all of the people get let in from the grandstands to the pits. So after the races we usually go out to eat. It’s either village in or some place else. That is what happens at the races.

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this is about my dads races.

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