October 19, 2009
By porkchop BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
porkchop BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
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It was a breezy morning; the sun was barely showing. It kept us just warm enough to keep from freezing. Our coach said, "Stretch!" After we stretched, we played catch to keep warm. After we warmed up, we saw the other team coming to the frost-bitten field of patchy, dead grass. It was the Lakewood Devils. We knew it would be a tough game.

Since we called the flip, we were home team. That meant we were in the field first. Our coach put our best pitcher, Alex, in so we could go three up; three down. The first batter, who came up to the plate, was a lefty, so Alex hit him with the ball. That gave the Devils a walk. Not a good way to start off. The next batter was right-handed. Alex threw a sinker to him and, when he hit it, it was a fly ball to left-center. Luckily, Tim was there to catch the ball and he threw it to second, but not in time to get the walked batter out.

At the bottom of the last inning, we were down by one point.

Alex was up to bat first. He got a double. When I walked up to the plate, I hit a fly ball right behind the center fielder. After it hit the ground, it rolled even further! That got me to second base and gave me an RBI, when Alex got home safely. It was my first double for the season. Now we were tied.

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this is not a real pretzel!!!

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