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October 15, 2009
By Bishop Albright BRONZE, Auroa, Colorado
Bishop Albright BRONZE, Auroa, Colorado
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In the game foot ball there are all sorts of penalties. Like roughing the Quarter back or roughing the kicker and face mask and unsportsmanlike conduct. And more that but I am only goanna tell you the main ones like these.
Roughing the quarter back is a penalty the reason why is because quarter back is not for tackling he does not run the ball he does not catch the ball but he is for thronging the ball. Same for the kicker no one should tackle these two hard because they are not strong enough.

Face mask is a big penalty. When the players hear that they shutter. The reason why is because a player can really hurt someone. Such as breaking the other players neck and can mess up their career to where they cannot play football for the rest of their life.
Unsportsmanlike conduct can be a lot of things like showing off too much and getting everyone mad at that player. Unsportsmanlike conduct is bad in other means too like hitting someone in their soft spot or cussing at some one.
All of these are bad if you want to play football do not do any of these penalties the players can sue you or you can get suspended from the team for a little bit or a long time and can give the other team more yardage to the touch down so don’t do any of these and be safe ware a helmet.

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