Traveiling to Chevak

October 20, 2009
By t-pac BRONZE, Bethel, Alaska
t-pac BRONZE, Bethel, Alaska
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It was the first cross-country trip of the JH season. I was in 7th grade and I was 13 years old. I was hoping I was eligible to travel.
Coach Romor told us we were traveling to Chevak. At the end of practice coach Romer
Was calling out names of who was traveling. I heard my name and smiled with

After practice I went home and had soup for dinner, it was really yummy. I was so excited about traveling that I already started to pack clothes and other stuff I needed. It took me about an hour to pack. After I was does, I started to do my homework so I can get it done so I wouldn’t have any for the rest if the weekend.
The next day, the JH cross-country team and I that were traveling came to school with our bags. We were leaving at one o’clock pm to go to the Hagland airport. When it was time to leave I heard Mr. Strickland’s voice saying, “Can I have the JH cross-country team please come to the lobby.” We got to the airport and put our bags on a roller. We got weighted and headed to the airplane. When I got in the plane I was so tired that I just feel asleep and didn’t talk to anyone, just slept the hole way.
Once we arrived to Chevak we went to the school where we were sleeping for the night.
That night we ate a good healthy dinner; we had spaghetti, milk or juice, and we also went to the store to buy some stuff we wanted like drinks and snakes.

The next day was the race; we woke up to eat breakfast and had to get ready for the race.
The race was starting at eleven o’clock am. The team and I walked down to the course to warm up and start the race. Once we were warmed up it was a few minutes to eleven. Lots of people stared to come and watch. Then time came I was feeling nervous, my palms were sweating and I was warmed up ready to run.
The team and I were at the starting line. I heard someone say, “ Run hard and try your best.” I was waiting for someone to say 1,2,3 GO! Then,” BAM!” I heard the word go. I took off running trying to stay focused.
About ten minutes into running, I was sweating and breathing strongly passing a girl about now 12 minutes into the race. Finally close to the finish line I was keeping up with a skinny girl. I ran harder trying to pass her. I was sprinting hard but did not pass her; she was running faster then me. I passed the finish line with relief, feeling good about myself, and happy that I did all right.

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I had fun!

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