A Basketball Game

October 20, 2009
3...2...1...JUMP BALL! The game had started, and I got the tip from Bobby. So of course, I had to go to the wrong basket, get the ball stolen from me, and let the other team score a lay-up. It was a thing of beauty. The next play, I was infuriated, and when Dillan passed the ball in to me, I took the ball all the way in for a lay-up. This made me feel a little better, but the team still had more to do. We had to get back on defense, and they were 7-0( this meaning that they hadn't lost any games), so we'd have to pay extra close attention. Their point guard shouted out a play, and they went into formation. We were playing man-to-man, so we each had our own person to cover, and I was stuck with this kid that was at least 5ft.10 ( me being about 5ft.2) and he was fast too. As we got further down court, the point guard passed the ball to Larry's man, who faked a jump shot, and then threw the ball to my man. “Not good.” I thought in my mind, but I went to go cover him anyway. As I closed out on him, he faked to the right, and then went left. I had to sprint to keep up. As he went in for the lay-up, I had a manic burst of energy, and I rushed forward, stole the ball from him, and passed it to Larry, who then proceeded to take the ball down the court, and score a 3 pointer. “Yes.” I thought, “take that Chatfield.” The rest of the half went pretty well, with them only scoring a few more point then us, and at the end of the first half, the score was 27-22, with the other team in the lead. As we went in for halftime, my man,( to whom I will now refer to as short stuff) gave me a dirty look and flipped me off. “Well,” I thought, “that's not very polite.” and I answered in kind. “GUYS!” our coach shouted, and then we ran, because you do not want to make the coach mad. “All right guys,” said coach, “we're gonna' run a box and one on their big man, because he's scored about half of their points. Ian, you stay on him.” Great I thought in my mind, but out loud I said, “Yes coach!” After coach told us a few more things, we ran back out for the second half. As we got out there, I pointed at the big man, and out of spite, I shouted, “I've got short stuff!” My team burst out laughing, and short stuff turned as red as a cherry tomato. Still laughing, I went out onto the court. But I wasn't laughing for long, because as the 3rd quarter went on, we started to get crushed. Coach somberly called a time out, and had us go into a huddle. “All right,” he said quietly, ”we're going to go back to man-to-man defense and see if that works, 'cuz these guys are killing us right now.” “ Yes coach!” we all shouted, and then rushed back onto the court. As the coach had predicted, we started to do better, and with 7 seconds left on the clock, we had the ball, with the score tied at 56-56. “ Guys!,” yelled coach,” do Miami Heat!” Miami Heat was a simple play, but it is usually deadly, especially if you are underneath the basket. All it is is a simple pick,( a pick is when one player stops in front of an opponent so that another teammate can keep dribbling, or so they can throw up a shot) while the other 3 players draw their men to the sides. I would be the ball handler for the play. We went into position, and the play started. It went great at first, with our other three players drawing their men out, and Larry setting the pick for me. But then it went sour. Short stuff realized what we were doing, and he rushed back from his man to get on me, “ Crap.” I thought, and I rushed forward threw up a hook-shot and....... IN! We had scored with 2 seconds left on the clock, and there was no way they could score in that amount of time. They didn't, and therefore we had won, 58-56.

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