I have the fear of

October 19, 2009
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I have the fear of carpet, springs, leather, and stationary objects; but yet I love them. Throwing my self at these objects and in the air makes me feel idiotic. Flipping, turning, running, and jumping can lead to dangerous stunts-¬which brings back the fear.
As I set my foot down on the fluffy blue carpet I get nervous, excited, and scared. I can feel the adrenaline go through my body, round off, back hand spring, tuck, and I landed it perfectly. The judges near by-I fear of the cruel judging.

Now I walk back to my coach, get a drink of water, and get ready for my beam routine. I chalk up. I hop onto the beam; I slowly raise my right foot, swing it around very carefully and a perfect back walk over. Now comes the ending, round off, back hand spring, and a full off the beam. I miss my landing; Fear; Fear of a broken ankle.

My coaches run out to me along with my mom. Tears dripping down my face not because Im hurt-I failed. Fear. I stand up off the squishy mat, the crowd cheers. I walk it off for a while. My vault routine was next. My coach said I couldn’t go back out there-I disagreed. I told the judges I was still in. I started at the end of the run way. I lifted my foot in pain. Sprinted to the stationary object and amazingly did a perfect flip over the object-Scoring time.

I walk back to my coach in tears. And this time im crying because I am in severe pain. Sitting and waiting to hear what the judges have to say. Suddenly my coach runs to me in excitement. He screams:” Taylor!! You won?!” I start to jump up and down but suddenly remember my ankle is broken.

I limp to the podium to receive my flowers and medal. I am in complete shock that I had won! I will be out for the next season until my ankle is better. My coach was very proud.

I hear a constant ringing noise. Sounds like an alarm. I can feel my fluffy-pink blanket rapped around my body. As I wake up I read the time on the clock, six a.m. My Mom comes into my room: It’s time for your competition today.” She said. I sit up. My eyes are as big as an owl’s. In complete shock I realize it was all a dream. Fear.

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