September 25, 2009
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Soccer is the sport I play. Whenever I play I fell so alive and free. The rush flows through my veins and the strong wind pushing against me while I stretch my long legs with speed. It’s what I live for. Defense is my poison. Aggression is a must in this sport. You cannot be weak.

My team is encouraging and helpful. It’s fairly new but on the field we look like we’ve played with each other for a decade. We play like a pin-ball machine game at and arcade, we pass and score. The team stays strong and focused through anything. We collide together with an okay rhythm and soon to be better one.

Soccer is tuff but it makes me stronger and pushes me to my limits. The coach is also a big part of what makes a team exceeds, they teach us how to control and work the ball. In the end, the coach does not play on the field so we have to work hard and show him what we can do. There is always space to get better and we are getting better four nights a week at practice. Soccer is what we love and what we live for.

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nancy! said...
Oct. 24, 2009 at 6:13 pm
i can really relate to this!
great sense of imagery in the beginning!
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