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Its the beginning of the game. I'm ready. I am the center midfield starting on varsity. And I'm a freshmen.

The whistle blows, and the ball is kicked back to me. I run, weaving, and pass it. A minute later it's passed back. I see an opening towards the goal. I race, feel adrenaline, go for the kick and slam. A defender has just slammed me against the "goal post".

I feel agonizing pain, see people running, and try to move to tell them I'm ok. But I can't. As my coach bends over me, it all goes black...

I wake up in the hospital, and my family, my best friend, and my boyfriend are all there. Their eyes are red. Then I notice a docter.

"Your back warped when it hit the post. We can repair it, but the muscles have to heal on their own."

"How long until I can play again?" My mom starts crying. I know the answer. The docter clears his throat.

"NO! I have to play! I'll be ok for dance and basketball, won't I? I have to!"

"You will never be able to play again. I'm sorry." The docter turns away and leaves.

I sob and a month later, they finally release me.
I left my school. I couldn't take the sympathy. Strangly? I don't even miss it.

I dance with the team, but i don't preform. I practice with soccer, but I can't play. I am slowly building it up so I CAN play again.

Just to prove that docter.
Unsinkable ships sink
Unbreakable walls break
And I WILL take back my life
By doing the thing that took it away.

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justmylife said...
Aug. 21, 2014 at 10:36 pm
And I believe that you WILL be able to play again!
justmylife said...
Aug. 21, 2014 at 10:35 pm
Wow. This article is AMAZING!! I play soccer myself, I just tried out for my school team. I didn't make it though. But hearing this story makes me realize that I'm taking my abilities for grantied. You don't realize how much you love something until it's gone, this article has helped me realize that. This is really good...
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