Playoff Game!!!

September 25, 2009
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At the Skate Rink, two top teams faced off in a crucial playoff game! Rangers, 3rd seed and predators, 6th seed, played one another in a suspenseful playoff match. The game full of perfect snipes, ridiculous dangles (Dangle is an impressive move which makes your opponent look foolish) and unbelievable saves. “A crazy game very exciting!” says a pleased spectator. Parents and players enjoyed the game even if they won or lost.

The game would have been a blowout within the first period which ended with a score of 5-2, lead by the Rangers. At the beginning of the second period, the predators trailing behind was allowed to bring in a sub which was a ringer and he quickly brought the Predators back into the game! The ringer, Drake Rowen got an impressive 3 assists and 2 goals for a total of 5 points that game! Drake would have had twice as much if it weren’t for the Rangers goalie Dylan Grey, who was saving shots left and right! The game was crazy with over 15 goals throughout the game. Who would win? The Rangers or Predators.

In the third period, the game was tied at 5 a piece with only 6 minutes remaining, the teams exchanged goals from there on. Everyone was on their feet too excited to sit. Close to the end of the game the score was tied 8 to 8, the Rangers were forced to take a time out to rest their players and come up with a strategy. “The last minutes were the most intense, I felt like I had to score for my team.” says Drake Rowen. He needed to come up big but unfortunately the Rangers scored a lethal goal to win the game and end the Predators season. The final score was 9-8, the Rangers move onto the championship game this Saturday at 12:30. WILL YOU BE THERE?

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