The Game

August 27, 2009
It Happen Just about a year ago, my soccer season had just started and this was the first game. Playing at home had never felt so good. I could smell the freshly cut cut grass and the saw the goal being put up. I could just feel it, I knew I would score a goal today. As we all got in our positions I heard the sound f the starting whistle. Ready to go I ran up the field getting ready to get passed to. The team we were playing wasn’t very good so I easily ran through them all. As I saw the ball soaring over I tried a header. Unfortunately, the ball soared left and missed the goal. My team and I had many more shots on goal for a while but my last shot came at the end of the game.

I had just asked the referee how much time there was remaining he told me there was only two minutes. So as soon as I saw the ball I ran after it I out ran every player including the goalie, and before I knew it I was standing right in front of the goal, and there was no keeper. I had a chance to make a goal. As I stopped and looked at the goal thinking I had scored a goal the goalie came back and punted the ball from my feet all the way to our goal and scored! I had forgotten to put the ball in the net. I felt like an idiot, and my teammates called me an idiot, even my brother called me stupid.

After the ending whistle blew I just wanted to go home so I got in my car as fast as possible and as soon as my Mom got in the car we drove off.

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donaldj said...
Sept. 24, 2009 at 7:47 pm
After reading your article, I identified grammar mistakes. First, I spotted a few run on sentences. For example, “I had just asked the referee how much time there was remaining he told me there was only two minutes.” The writer could have made two sentences by putting a period after remaining, and starting a new sentence with the word he. I also found that the writer did not use commas throughout the article. The writer stated that, “my team and I had more shots on goal fo... (more »)
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