The High school dream

May 19, 2009
By Anonymous

Chapter One
It was his sophomore year in high school. He was planning on making varsity soccer . At his tryout he thought he had a really good tryout. So the next day when the teams would be posted in the gym by coach murdocker, Ronnie came in with a bit of a swagger. he was telling people how he would make all state in his first year on varsity. He was waiting to mock all the kids who didn’t make it. The list was up Ronnie went up to it looked at it and half way through didn’t see his name he just thought they were saving the best for last, but he never found his name he studied it like a textbook, but never found Ronnie Wisham. He was crushed. The first J.V. practices were later that day. He didn’t want to go but he did. It took all his courage to go to the practice. When he was there he started warming up. He was ready to show everyone why he should have made Varsity.

This was the worst thing to happen to him. He got told he didn’t make the J.V. team. Ronnie was so mad he didn’t make varsity he just expected he was on j.v. but really he didn’t make any team. He was ticked off, sad and most of all super embarrassed. He went home almost in tears. He didn’t even get out of bed until his dad dragged him out of bed and through him into the shower with all his clothes on.

After that day he hadn’t touched a soccer ball in weeks. His grades started slipping to because the only reason he got as because it was a deal that he with his parents to play. Two months passed and a starting car. He was determined to make Varsity next year. He would run five miles every morning bodybuilder. After that he would go to the soccer park across the street to do his real training. First he would warm up by juggling 200 times. Then he would practice dribbling. After that he would work on passing with his brother. Then he would have his brother in goal and he would take 500 shots. To end his training he would do 20 sprints, they would start out long and gradually get shorter. At the beginning he lost ten pounds but then gained 20 back all of muscle. By the time club started he became a captain because he was so good. He averaged about two goals a game and shut down the other team with excellent defense. The team ended up winning the state cup when he had the game winning goal. In the regional finals his team was tied o-o with about five minutes left, he knew it was time to step up and take the go ahead goal. But when he trapped the ball a player on the other team slid in and hurt Ronnie. The other teamed scored with ten seconds left and they lost.
Then it was summer, club was over and now super y had started. He didn’t like it that much but he knew he needed it to rise to the best player his city had seen. Super y was super hot and it was great for conditioning. His team was horrible and I’m not just over exaggerating. They are worse than the fifty year old league team. Ronnie though was the best any one ever saw. He didn’t lead his team to Nationals. He barely led them to a record of 3-5-1. They were in 5th out of 9 teams. This was smack dab in the middle. With the amount of talent on the team without Ronnie anyone would expect a defeated season.
The season was over, his team wasn’t good but he got better a lot better actually. Tryouts for school were in three weeks. We had captains’ practice. It was three times a week on those days. He would run an extra mile not in practice. On off days he would run five miles with his neighbor who was getting in shape for football. Captain’s practice was really just scrimmaging and getting to know everyone. Those weeks were easy compared to Super Y. It was the day before tryouts so he slept from 8 o’clock to 6:15. At the tryouts he was amazing they let me the last year captains and a foreign exchange student from Brazil know that we were on the team. He thought he was amazing but Jaun from Brazil was so good you would swear he could have beaten Ronalidho, Ronaldo, and Henry in a 3 v. 1 scrimmage alone. No wonder Brazil wins the World cup so often. He asked if he was a star there but he said he was on the bench.
His team was stacked they. They looked at the list and he had done it he made captain or at least co-captain with Jaun. Ronnie was so excited and his face glowed as he yelled, “State is ours!” then the whole team started chanting, “State is ours! State is ours!”

Chapter Two

The team was stacked but they still had to play together, and what the coachs say “Team Chemistry”. Practices were tough but not that hard compared to Ronnie’s off-season traning. The team, was getting along pretty good accept for, one nasty slide tackle that ended up with some naughty words that im probably not aloud to say. Ronnie and Jaun really were the best leaders of them. They got the team running a couple of miles every other day outside of practice and they got a skills practices set up, the team was really improving.

The team or the FMHS Wild Cats had their anuel game for charity. We played against our rival town Chipsdale Wolves. In the game they try to give the reserves all or most of the playing time. So the starters only got to play the first 20 minutes. In the game Ronnie scored right of the start he got a quick threw ball and shot from 40 yards out and he caught the keeper off guard and scored. The game ended and Ronnie and Jaun had a combine goals of 5 in the first 20 minutes. The finale score was still only 5-4 FMHS won. The first real game of the season was in 2 weeks. There schedual started easy and then got a little harder. They have 22 games and then if they get to the state finals they have 5 more games.The first game they played Whashington Prep. They had an easy victory 5-0.The next game was 4 days later they played Raymond this was not a hard team but they would go down early in the first minute due to an own goal, but they came back to win 3-2 from an own goal by Raymond. After that game they had a stetch of 5 games in a week and 2 days, they won them all and then they were the top in the conference. The next 10 games were easy they won with scores of 5-0, 3-0, 6-2, 2-0, 1-0, 8-4, and 3-1. There next 5 games were the hardest ones. They played FHS first and it was really tight the first half with one goal per team. The second half was basicly the same exept for a late goal by Jeffy Rotts for FMHS win. In the next game they played the top team in the state, Frankport. They were so good they only let in 5 goals all season. The first half was really boring nothing really happened except for an occasional long shot. The score was 0-0. The second half was basically the same except for one magic moment when Jaunsent a through ball and Ronnie was on a break away, he was about to shoot but he got slide tackled from the side and went down. The player got a straight red card and walked off the field. They got a free kick on top of the D. everyone excpected Jaun to take it but when he jumped over the ball and Ronnie hit it everyone was shocked. He took it and it was basicly as perfect as possible. It was low because of the big keeper it was fast and it bent perfectly around the wall. Unbelievably the ball hit the post then it hit the other one and did that about 5 times then a player from Frankport headed the ball off the line right to a player on his team who booted the ball up field and the referee called the game. Ronnie was crushed, just about everyone was.

Their next game was against Clampton, they were the second best team in the conference. They were pretty good but it was not the hardest game, but if they wanna stay on top they gotta win. Nothing happened in the first half exept a late cross by Clampton and a FMHS player hit it in for an own goal. Then 5 minutes later it was half time. The next half FMHS came out blaizing they would have shot after shot, but they just couldn’t put the ball into the back of the net until a J.V. player who got put on Varsity, Josh Ricemaker, got 2 goals instantly when he got in to set up a scoring frenzy by FMHS. They ended up winning 8-1. Thre next 2 games were against Johnstown East and West. If they win both, they get a first round bye in the playoffs. Against East Ronnie had a hat-trick and they won 3-1. Against West they won 2-0 with goals by Ronnie and Jaun. They won both games and got the bye. So they have to play four games instead of five because of the bye. In their first game, they played Chipsdale, their rival. They blew them out of the water by winning 13 to 0 which is a state record for the biggest playoff win, and is the team’s biggest win. The next game they played Raymond. Last time they played them FMHS won on a own goal. This time they went into overtime and FMHS was better fit and ended up pulling out the win. Now they were in the semis against Washington Prep, a Cinderalla story. Washington Prep won their last ten games and were looking unstoppable. FMHS ended up winning because an early red card. Their state final game was next and they played Frank Port, the team they tied in the regular season. The first half was slow due to two equal teams except for one upper 90 volly by Juan for a goal and a goal by Frank Port when their stricker was able to break away and chip the keeper. The second half was a little faster but neither team was able to put the ball in the back of the net. Overtime was two fifteen minute halves. During the end of the second overtime, Juan sent a through ball to Ronnie and he had a great upper 90 rip. He was going crazy until he saw the linesman flag up. He was calling offsides. They were angry because he was twenty yards on sides. So Greg, a defender, got a red card for spitting and swearing at the refs. It was up to penalty kicks. Ronnie, Juan, Jeffy, Connor, and John took them. All went in except for Connor’s. He tried to fake out the keeper and hit it straight, but the keeper kept it out with the tip of his toe. Frank Port also made four out of five of their PK’s. So it went to sudden death PK’s. Everyone made it so it went to goal keeper on goal keeper. FMHS’s keeper was a big guy with lots of power so he put it past the other keeper so fast he didn’t even have time to react. Then Frank Port’s keeper hit it wide left. They won and everyone went crazy! The fans stormed the field and they won. After the game it was crazy because we were at Chicago Fire’s stadium because that’s where State always takes place and everyone was going crazy. People were screaming their heads off. After fifteen minutes of celebrating they brought out this big cart. It had three huge trophies and twenty-two big ones. One of the huge ones was for the school’s state championship trophy. The second huge one was for the finals MVP and the third one was for playoff’s MVP. The first trophy they gave to our coach. The finals MVP went to Juan. The Playoff MVP was given to Ronnie. Best of all all the trophies were given by Blanco, the Fire’s star midfielder.

After the game all the players, fans, and everyone went to the parking lot and had a huge party. It was nuts. People started having moshpits and we had a DJ that kept the party going all night long.

The party eventually ended and everyone went home. The next few weeks were kind of weird for Ronnie because everyone was congratulating him and everything he did, but in about a month everything was back to normal. Time seemed to fly by, club play came and went with a blink of an eye. They ended up winning State Cup, then Regional Cup, but only got third in Nationals. Super Y was as bad as last year, maybe even worse. They only won two games even though Ronnie scored at least two goals a game, but the other teams scored at least five goals a game because their best goalie moved to Alaska. Then by the time Ronnie knew it, it was already fall. High school started again and they were probably going to win state, but something catastrophic happened, Juan got DEPORTED!

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