The Love For Baseball

February 12, 2009
By Anonymous

Out of nowhere, a bright and yellow light materializes out of thin air and blinds me. Making me lose
the ball in the desolate blue sky. Suddenly, the baseball zooms away from this shiny yellow orb as
it catches a lucky gust of wind. As a result the ball smoothly lands in my brown glove to receive
the third out and end the game with a heroic victory. Baseball, to me, is the greatest sport in the
whole wide world. It requires ever ounce of my physical and mental capability. For physical, it
takes my strength, speed, and endurance to perform all aspects of baseball as close to my personal
standard as I can. Strength contributes to my ability to hit and throw the ball a great distance
down the field. Speed, in a way, works side bye side with strength because I need the reassurance
that I can reach any base before the ball lands in the glove of the player straddling the base.
Also, during the special occasion that my third base coach gives me the steal sign as if he is doing
sign language, I need all of my speed to beat the catcher's throw to the base. Putting my speed to
its fullest potential, I will come out triumphant and be safe. To make both strength and speed work
properly during long games, I'll need tremendous endurance to withstand the rigors of day long
tournaments. Without endurance, I wouldn't be able to function in both areas properly. The mental
part of the game of baseball is really what makes playing baseball enjoyable for me. Every second of
the game you need to be thinking of what your next move should be because you never know what might
happen next. Being mentally prepared the whole time I am playing during a game prepares me for
anything that could be heading my way. However, if I lose my focus for just a split second it could
result into disastrous results. Every part of baseball makes it my favorite sport. The smells,
sights, sounds, and experience of baseball is what I look forward to every weekend during the
baseball season. Ever since I was five these amazing aspects of baseball truly made it a sport a
part of myself. The memories I have from when I first pitched in a game to all the games I've won
and lost with my previous teams. They are memories that I'll be able to share with my friends and
family as I grow older. My love for this sport is unbreakable like a weld. Without it, a part of my
soul would be missing.

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bballchic_34 said...
on Apr. 25 2010 at 4:56 pm
I liked this article.  I get what you mean about the sport, it's so exciting to play and watch. 

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