January 12, 2009
By Anonymous

It was Sunday at 4:00 and we loaded our snowboards, skis and clothes into the van. We were going to Caberfae with the Henderson family. My goal was to be able to ride the rails before we had to leave.
The car ride felt like it took one hour but it really took three hours. I think that it felt short because we were watching movies in the back. We were driving down the road and out of the blue we saw the sign for Caberfae. After we all spotted the sign we all looked around, but everywhere we looked was flat. All of a sudden we came out of the huge pine trees and there was an enormous hill.
We went into the hotel and paid for our room. The hotel was cool. I was so excited to go outside and swim in the outdoor swimming pool and hot tube. So was everyone else. That night we boogied out to the pool, it was so cold out there with just a swim suit so we full out sprinted. That was probably not a good idea because the pool had ice around it because of water getting splashed out. We all hit the ice at about the same time, but no one fell except B. Jumping into that warm water made my cold feet sting. We tackled each other in the water for about 30 minutes and then we started to get bored. Then I came up with the idea that we should get out of the pool and roll in the snow and jump back in. So we did it. The snow was so cold! That night we went to bed at eleven o'clock because we wanted to be able to get up early to get on the slopes when the opened.
In the morning I was woke up by the sound of groomers running up and down the slopes. About an hour later I through my gear on and headed for the slopes with B. It felt so good to ride on the chair lift again. After my mom got her rental gear we went to the smaller park. In the smaller park the rails are not so big. First I did a grind by just riding over the rail. Then I told myself and my mom that I was going to turn my board the other way and grind. She said go ahead but just don't fall down on the rail because that would really hurt. I got to the top of the hill I started to carve down it. Once I was about 30 feet away from the rail I thought to myself I sure hope that I don't fall because it is going to really hurt. All of a sudden I was on top of the rail grinding then I hoped off! I did not fall! That was the first time that I had grinded that way! I was so happy that I did not want to go to any other slope because I wanted to keep riding the railes. Towards the end of the day I fell back it did not hurt though because I had a helmet on. It kind of stunk because when I was finally ready for the big park they did not have it set up.
The two days that I spent on the slopes of Caberfae seamed to go very fast. I was sad to pack my stuff back in the van because that ment that we were going home and I had to go to school.

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