world cup south africa 2010

June 2, 2009
By Edgar Salgado BRONZE, Woodburn, Oregon
Edgar Salgado BRONZE, Woodburn, Oregon
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World Cup
South Africa 2010

Aahhh the audience cheers with excitement! The stadium is full. C.Ronaldo is on the field ready to take a penalty shot. There is so much pressure. If he misses the other team wins or if he makes it his team win and they get themselves into the world cup. C.Ronaldo moves back then he run and take the shot and goal! The crowd gets wild and the announcer man screams “they are going to the world cup of 2010, to compete against the best of the best in the world.” On the field C.Ronaldo run up and down and his whole team run and tackled him down to the floor with excitement. Everyone is proud of Portugal. After the qualifying rounds C.Ronaldo went home with great successes on his head and the pride of his country.

At his house he took a long sleep while his wife made dinner for him. As soon as the dinner is ready he smells it and he quickly ran down stair and got ready to eat. After he ate he watch television for about two hours before he went to sleep. The next morning he got a bowl of cereal and got ready to play soccer. He left at nine o’clock to e’vora Portugal. At practice they trained long and hard. Their coach trained them hard and rough because they want to win the world cup. April ten, 2010 the first day of the world cup.

On the day of the game April ten, 2010 C.Ronaldo got to the stadium late. As the team got field the crowd goes wild and that put a smile on the teams playing. As the game begins Portugal get a corner kick. Doni center the ball and C.Ronaldo header it in to the back of the net and the announcer man says “what a goal.” A few minutes later at the ninety minute mark the referee blow the whistle and Portugal win once again. Portugal advances to the next round to take place in the semi-final of the world cup.

Two month later C.Ronaldo is his way to the semi-finals of the world cup against Italy. He is going to go play to see who will play against England the team who already qualified to the finals just yesterday against México. The announcer man said “they are finally doing well in the world cup not like the past twelve years were they were humiliated really bad.” C.Ronaldo is five minutes away from the stadium.

At Rome, Italy C.Ronaldo races to the field with his toward the field. They go through a special entrance in the back of the stadium and they hear a colossal chant. Italy, Italy, Italy the crowd wild today. Once they get on the field they warm up and quickly set up for the game. The whistle blows and the game begins. They play all first half hard and skilled and they left to take a break with both teams goalless as they left the field. “Italy is a hard, rough, difficult team to beat” their coach tells the whole team. At the second half proceeds at the last minute Decco make the goal which gives Portugal the lead.
One minute later the referee blows the whistle signaling the end of the game. Portugal wins and they going to play at South Africa for the 2010 world cup for the first time in soccer history.

One week later after the game C.Ronaldo goes to practice all tied of the game with Italy. He train hard and great at practice even though he was tired After a long day of practice his wife makes him food and they eat together at his house. C.Ronaldo is very happy with all he done in his life. He is excited because all the hard work sure paid off when he was training. He is very happy of all his accomplishment he done. After that night he left in the morning left his home e’vora Portugal to go to South Africa to play for the world cup representing his country against England.

At the stadium the crowd is cheering. People from all over the world came to see this game to see who will be crowned champion of the world.. When the players came out the stadium it got ten times louder with lots of excitement and emotion. They started the game and they play the ball and in the middle of the first half the ball went out of bounds. Portugal gets the corner kick. Raul get ready and he kick it up high and goal, C.Ronaldo header it in. The keeper didn’t see it coming. After that goal Portugal lost their concentration and David Beckham made a goal five minutes later and the game was even again. They play hard for the remainder of the time and they did their best to make one more goal but the referee blow the whistle and signaled it over they go to penalties to win the cup. The Portugal coach yelled out C.Ronaldo is going last alright. The whole team agreed with that decision. At the end of the penalties the game is still tied and it five to five. It David Beckham turn now. He step back then he run forward and kick the ball and goal. It went in off the top post into the back of the net. Now it six to five if C.Ronaldo misses England wins but if he makes it they keep going. Portugal, Portugal, Portugal the crowd yells. C.Ronaldo set up the ball step back and then run forward and shots the ball. The keeper barely got a hand on that which made the ball go out of bound. England wins; the crowd goes crazy yelling and screaming. The world is celebrating except Portugal and C.Ronaldo. He let all the success get to his head. England goes home with the world cup championship and the pride of their country.

After that game C.Ronaldo stop letting all his success go to his head. After that game it taught him to stay focus and not let the glory go to his head. As he practice more he got even better and got more good aim at penalties. Four year later his team won several cup along the way including the world cup of 2014. He stop letting all the glory go to his head.

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soccer is awesome!

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