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June 8, 2009
By luv cash BRONZE, West Linn, Oregon
luv cash BRONZE, West Linn, Oregon
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In Submarine Pitch by Matt Christopher Bernie Shantz is a young baseball lover who wants to quit baseball, but his best friend David won’t let him quit. So David convinces Bernie to keep playing on their little league baseball team. But while trying to inspire Bernie David teaches him a new pitch. The Submarine Pitch!!!! This pitch will help Bernie become a better pitcher if he can through it right and he will be able to strike more batters out.

But then Bernie finds out something he can accept. His best friend, David is very ill. Bernie is scared and distracted that David might die. Bernie is now thinking of quitting baseball because David wont be there to watch him.

This is a story about brotherly love between two best friends. This book is a mix genre between sports and drama. This book is written by the famous sports author Matt Christopher is great author. After you read this book you should read more of his sport books.

I like this book because it wasn’t just about sports, but it had a drama and sad twist to it. My biggest dislike in The Submarine Pitch was there should have been more detail of the surroundings and the conflict.

I like this book a lot and I would recommend this author and the book to anyone I know or meet. This book is not a very hard read, but that doesn’t make it a dumb children’s book. Overall this book was pretty good. People of all ages will love this book.

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