Carlos; A False Story

June 3, 2009
By Kevin Arellano BRONZE, Aurora, Oregon
Kevin Arellano BRONZE, Aurora, Oregon
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It was the big day. Carlos was pumped. He had been fighting for only 3 yrs. His Combat opponent was the notorious Demetrio a man with so much knowledge and power he had been undefeated for half of his career. His reputation was much more decorated then Carlos and a black belt in jujitsu and judo. The stats where Carlos being 5’10’’ 230lbs and a reach of 52’’ and Demetrio was 5’11’’ 225lbs with a reach of 57’’. Carlos was less experience.

Round one Carlos got right into it. He hit Demetrio a couple of good hits in on his cheeks. Then he backed away and took an exaggerated deep breath. That’s when he pounced ambushing him with a barrage of relentless elbows and knees. Carlos felt trapped so he burst out in wild blaze and pinned him on the ground and swung for the fences. But Demetrio easily maneuvered out of it and started a very deadly display of ground and pound, where a fighter goes on top and goes to town on his face. Demetrio was about to land a very diabolical looking hammer fist when they rang the bell. Carlos was badly swollen and bruised. Not to mention his ear was throbbing and his eye was gushing a river of gore. His cheek was also numb. But the fight must go on
Carlos assessed the situation and thought maybe if I disable hi forearm I can go in for the “kill”.

They touched knuckles and the next thing he knew there was a feeling of a bar of soap being rammed in his ear. Carlos was enraged and his conscious was feeble so he forgot the plan and went in and started to hit as hard as he could. Adrenalin running he fought and fought ‘til he made a beginners mistake. He went into a flying knee when all of sudden he felt was a excruciating pain on his cheek. Then complete bliss followed by a raging pain. Next thing he new his arm was being raised and somebody was saying and somebody was saying with hope in there voice “After you train under my wing you will be the ultimate warrior and nothing will stand in your way. You have great heart for the game and with my help you will be my strongest adversary.”

Carlos was flabbergasted all he could say was, “I will be the next light heavy weight champion and you’ll be my first challenger.”

The author's comments:
One day I will be one of the greatest fighter in the ufc

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