June 3, 2009
By matt mclaren BRONZE, Hubbard, Oregon
matt mclaren BRONZE, Hubbard, Oregon
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Every time I get on a lift all I can ever think of is just letting go and relaxing. I think about the cold breeze on my chapped lips, the tiny snowflakes on my goggles, and the fluffiness of the powder.

As I continue to ride up the extremely long lift I begin to have more thoughts of my next big trick. I’m always debating whether to just clear the jump, do a grab over the jump, do a spin over the jump, or both spin and grab at the same time. Every time I get on the lift I am always so anxious to get off and storm down the mountain. I always feel my legs get all jumpy as soon as I relax. Really I don’t see how you could not be anxious to go ride.

One thing that I absolutely love about snowboarding is jumping. Whenever I get in the air I just feel weightless. It’s almost like time freezes. If you find a big enough jump you’ll most likely get the ticklish feeling in your stomach like when you’re on a rollercoaster. I don’t know about you, but I love that feeling. And then as soon as you land your trick or whatever you did you feel like you can do anything and you want to do it again. So pretty much if you land anything you just get hooked on the sport.

Even though I call it a sport that’s not really how I fell about it. To me a sport is something you do to experience playing with your peers and you’re in it to win it. Sure it’s always smart to ride with your friends, but you’re in your own state of mind instead of the team’s state of mind. You can’t win at snowboarding unless you enter a competition, but that’s a whole different story. When your snowboarding your not in it to win it, your in it to have some fun and try something new. For me use snowboarding to get away from all the stress and difficulties at school or home.

A lot of people think that to get into snowboarding you have to go buy the top of the line Burton, Rome, forum, etc. gear and boards. Well that is not true. I haven’t been to a ski resort that doesn’t let you rent boards, boots, and clothing. All you really need is a ride up to the mountain and some cash. You don’t even have to be good or have the desire to do jumps or rails. You will still have a great time just riding down the run.

So what I suggest to you is go talk with someone that does snowboard like a friend of family member, and see if they could give you a ride next time they go. They might even have some extra jackets or something you can use. Go with them, rent some gear, and spend the day snowboarding. Even if you dont5 like it you can say you tried something new. If you do end up liking it who knows maybe one day you can became a pro, but you will for sure have a lot of fun

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