Mixed Martial Arts

June 2, 2009
By dylan myers BRONZE, Aurora, Oregon
dylan myers BRONZE, Aurora, Oregon
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MMA is a sport that is growing very popular around the world, especially here in the United States. It is a sport of fighting. In some cultures it’s a life style. Here in the U.S. it is just a sport and used for self defense. MMA is an exciting sport with a unique origin, unbelievable techniques and a very popular federation.
MMA is a short abbreviation for Mixed Martial Arts. Mixed Martial Arts is a variety of specific martial arts all packed into one killer sport! Some of the most popular fighting styles are Muay Thai kick boxing, and brazilin jujitsu. Muay Thai and kick boxing are basically used and trained in the same category. Muay Thai is all about conflicting the most damage to an opponent with devastating hits. In Muay Thai every part of your body is a weapon. It uses the sharpest most damaging points on your body like elbows, knees, and the shin used for jaw dropping knock outs.
Brazilian jujitsu is a martial arts technique created for tearing limbs apart. It’s based on joint locks. This martial art focuses on bending the joint’s the opposite direction than they are made to go basically breaking bones. Common targeted joints are the elbow, knee, shoulder, and the ankle. Also used often used in Brazilian jujitsu are chokes. The use of Brazilian jujitsu in MMA is submission, so if they don’t win the fight by knocking the opponents out they still have the choice of submitting them.
One of the top most popular federations for MMA is the UFC. UFC is short for the Ultimate Fighting Championship. The UFC is a group where fighters from all around the world come and fight for a chance to be the UFC champion of their weight class. The UFC has a recruit called the Ultimate Fighter where fighters who think they are meant to fight for a living get a chance to be a fighter in the UFC. A little smaller federation for MMA is the WEC, witch is an abbreviation for world extreme cage fighting that involves basically the same techniques and rules as the UFC but with different fighters.
MMA is a sport that isn’t really made for everyone. But it is a excellent source of entertainment for everyone. MMA has elite exercise and conditioning. These are good examples of why MMA is an exciting sport with a unique origin, unbelievable techniques, and very popular federations that people who would like to get in the best shape of their life should look into.

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