The Goal!

May 29, 2009
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It was a cold Saturday Morning. My team and I were warming up on the soccer field. The sky was cloudy. We knew it was going to rain but that didn’t stop us. Zoe (our coach) called us in and we got out position. I was put in forward, my best position.

“T W E E E T!” The game started but it was raining. The wind was violently blowing too. Ellie (one of my teammates) hit the ball to me, up field. I chased after the black and white “starred” soccer ball. “BOOM!” I took a hard shot. It was blocked by the “B” team goalie, Emily. I took a couple more shots that were all saved. It was now halftime. We got out new positions and we were ready to go. It was already just after kickoff and we had a breakaway. The other team which is out club’s “B” team kicked the ball out. It was a corner, my specialty. I got it into the box but the new goalie, Claire, had gotten it. I got a couple more corners. By this time the wind was crazy and the rain was ice cold and coming down quicker than before but we kept playing. We had a series of shots. I finally got the ball and the crowd erupted in cheers. I took a touch and slammed the ball into the goal. Before I knew it I was being hugged by all my teammates, then it magically over. We had one the intense soccer game and I had scored the winning and only goal. It felt like winning the world cup!

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