Samuel Eto'o vs Didier Drogba

May 19, 2009
By Peter Egede BRONZE, Marietta, Georgia
Peter Egede BRONZE, Marietta, Georgia
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When arguably the two greatest African Strikers collide, what happens? It’s simply relentless. The African strikers Didier Drogba and Samuel Eto’o are great if not outstanding. Didier Drogba is an African soccer player that was born in Coat D’Ivorie. Drogba scored 148 goals in his whole career as of January 15th 2009. 148 goals is about as hard as a 3rd grader getting a job as a professional football player. As a child, Drogba was very poor. He lived with his dad in a small village in Coat D’Ivorie. Drogba traveled with his uncle who was a professional soccer player. Didier left his home at the age of 5 and traveled with his uncle when he was 8 years old. After witnessing all of uncle’s skills and talent, he began to realize that it was in his blood to play soccer. He knew he was in love with the game. But maybe a he was in love too much. Drogba’s grades began to slip causing his to flunk classes and become held back. Hiss parents reacted immediately to this and banned him from soccer for a year. They flattened all the balls and made him study day and day. After that year, he signed up for his first club team and from there he slowly started to make a name for himself. In Didier Drogba’s career today, he has won both the African Player of the Year award and also the Golden boot Award both in 2007. Son far, Didier Drogba’s career has been great.

But…. Somebody else from Africa Rose up to the occasion to be the best African player in the world…Samuel Eto’o.’

Samuel Eto’o was born on March 10th 1981 in Cameroon. Eto’o’s first LA LIGA team was Real Madrid. FC Barcelona scouted out Samuel ETo’o and offered a trade for him and were willing to give Eto’o 24Million dollars for a transfer. After the big transfer, Eto’o began to her and witness racist comments from fans and soon began to have 0 tolerance for it. His coach knew about this and just insisted that Eto’o continued to focus on his soccer skill. Eto’o made his Barcelona deut in the season opener at Racing Santander. On 29 August 2004, after Barcelona won the 2004-2005 La Liga title, the eam organized a festive party in the Camp Nou, during which Eto’o and the fans were chanting,”Madrid, carbon, Saluda al campeon” 9 roughly: “ Madrid, hail the champions”). The Spanish Football Federation fined Eto’o for his chants for 12,000 dollars. Eto’o later apologized for hhis comments. Eto’o recently suffered a serious injury on the 27th September 2006 while competing for Barcelona in the Champions League. Eto’o had subsained a ruptured meniscus in his right knee and it has been estimated that he could be out of action for up to 5months. Barcelona had lost one of their star players and the team was most likey to suffer after this loss.

Samuel Eto’o plays for the Cameroon national team and he mde his debut at the age of 15. Eto’o was the youngest player at the 1998 Fifa World Cup at 17 years old. He was named the African footballer of the year in 2003,2004,and also 2005 becoming the first player to win the award ithree times in a a row. Samuel eto’o was in the news in early 2006.

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