Football Star: Knowshon Moreno

May 19, 2009
By Dillon Patel BRONZE, Kennesaw, Georgia
Dillon Patel BRONZE, Kennesaw, Georgia
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When I think of the Georgia Bulldogs, I definitely think of their powerhouse offence. Knowshon Moreno has a lot to do with that. Being the starting tail back, he has to be at the top of his game. In the recent years, he has been on it every game. Knowshon Moreno racked up an astonishing total of 2,736 rushing yards in only two seasons. That in itself is a feat that a very hard to accomplish. He signed with the Georgia Bulldogs in 2006 as a 2nd string running back. His stardom started very rapidly. By the second week of his freshman season in 2006, he had 104 rushing yards in 10 carriers. He averaged 154 rushing yards a game. Part of this is because he made a strong connection with Matt Stafford, the Georgia Bulldogs quarterback. By the end of that season, he had been named SEC freshman of the week three times. Knowshon was also named SEC Offensive Player of the Year and the SEC freshman of the Year. In that time period, he realized that Georgia was the best place for him, and by the end of the season he had created a name for himself.

In his second year with the Georgia Bulldogs he proved himself once again. He started off the year as a Heisman Trophy favorite. He got 1,400 yards in his second season. Because of how much the bond between Matt Stafford and Knowshon grew, Knowshon was Matt’s most trusted player on Georgia’s offence. Until the Georgia Bulldogs undefeated record, Knowshon Moreno was at the top of his game. Then when they played the Alabama Crimson Tide, Knowshon Moreno was shut down by the Alabama defense, he was only able to inquire 34 rushing yards in the entire game. During the Tennessee game, he bounced back, but surprisingly he did not make it to the end zone once. That was the first time in the season that he was not able to score, making this an unproductive game for Knowshon. This year was not as productive for Knowshon Moreno as his freshman year. He scored 18 touchdowns in the entire season. This year was still a productive year for him. He received the team MVP award and he came in 2nd place for the Doak Walker Award.

Skills are not enough to be a successful person. You have to be a good influence on the field and off the field. Knowshon Moreno could not manage to do that. He broke the dorm noise policy 6 times. One of times he was hosting a party. The bad thing about that is that he had 7 girls and 4 four boys at his party. That brought up the question, was there something suspicious was going on? As a punishment, he was supposed to write a two page essay. He was suppose to express what happened and give an apology. He instead wrote with sarcasm and many mistakes. Most people think that he is a dumb jock, but he is a very great writer and good with grammar. So the question erupted, is he a good person? That question could ruin Moreno’s chances to get drafted.

After the end of the 2008 season, he faced a serious decision. He had to choose between staying with the Georgia Bulldogs or going to the NFL draft. He decided to go the NFL for his chances. Along with Knowshon Moreno, Georgia lost a star quarterback Matt Ryan. We also lost another great person, Asher Allen. This is a very big blow to the Georgia Bulldogs Organization. But I think that the organization will grow back into how great it is now.

But we will see what faith has in store for Knowshon Moreno. Knowshon Moreno is a very good player but the baggage that comes with him. So till we find out if he gets in the NFL, So Long.

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