Bowl Championship Series

May 16, 2009
By Will Cray BRONZE, Mission Hills, Kansas
Will Cray BRONZE, Mission Hills, Kansas
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The Bowl Championship Series, more like Breathtaking Championship Series. I just love the BCS college football system. I mean the way the handle college football is just superb. I am shocked at how great of a job they did setting up the whole series. I am outright impressed. I just love the names of the bowls too, I mean the Cotton Bowl, now that is a great name. Or, how about my favorite bowl the Rose Bowl, way to name it after a flower guys. Also, the best name is the Tostitos Bowl, which is named after a bunch of salty corn chips. Finally, the FedEx Orange Bowl, which is a great name because packaging and oranges are completely related. Do you know what also is an amazing part about the BCS, that you always know which bowl is the national championship every year. In fact, this would be the likely story of someone who enjoys college football.

This is the story of a Spartan fan who is watching the end of one of their games. “YA!!!! The Spartans are going to the Papa Johns Bowl! Wahoo!” He decides to go to the Papa Johns Bowl (which he thought was the national championship) to watch his favorite team play. A rumor spreads that the Papa Johns Bowl will take place in Canada, so he flies all the way to Canada from Los Angeles to watch the almighty Spartans play. He buys a $500 plane ticket and lands in Quebec. He tries to find a ticket off the street for cheaper and buys a $700 ticket on the 50-yard line. “This a dream come true!” He exclaims, ready to see his favorite team win the “National Championship.” He finds directions to the location on the ticket, and when he gets there he realizes he has been sent to the closet Papa John’s and his ticket is a coupon for 5% off a small cheese pizza.

When he arrived home completely disappointed, he heard of reports of other incidents similar to his. Even some of them stated my trip was awesome! The BCS got me a cheese pizza! The Spartan fan then saw on TV that the National Championship game was the Sugar Bowl, where not even the players showed up because everyone was so confused on which bowl game they were in and which one was the National Championship game. So, all in all I have one message for the BCS, keep up the good work!

The author's comments:
This is a satire on the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) for College Football.

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