The Top NBA Teams

May 13, 2009
By devin ward BRONZE, Bellaire, Ohio
devin ward BRONZE, Bellaire, Ohio
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The NBA has top teams with premiere players and coaches.
The Orlando Magic receive most of their intensity from their big man Dwight Howard. He has many awards for his outstanding play on defense. They also have many offensive threats, like veteran Rashard Lewis. He also has good play on the defensive side of the ball as well. They also have some young players who contribute to their team as well some of the more experienced players. They have a young quick point guard who can get the ball up the court fast. They also have some other young stars, who shoot the ball as well as anybody in the league. The Orlando Magic, are projected deep into the playoffs almost every year lets see how they finish this year.

The New Orleans Hornets have a good young team. They are lead by their award winning point guard in Chris Paul. He also leads the NBA in assists, he gives the ball up good to the rest of the team. The Hornets run a fast pace game and hurry the ball up the court almost every time they get a possession. They have a veteran shooter in Peja Stojokavic, he is one of the NBA’S top long range shooters. They have a lot of players who can spread out their fast pace tempo. They had a good run into the playoffs last year, so lets see how they do this postseason.

The San Antonio Spurs have a all veteran starting five, who have been playing together for at least four seasons. They have a lot of chemistry together. They are lead by two of the NBA’S top veterans, in Tim Duncan and Tony Parker. They have been playing well side by side for many seasons. Both players are capable of taking a team to the finals, or even to win a championship.

The Los Angeles Lakers are a team coming off a good season last year, losing in the NBA finals to the Celtics. The Lakers are lead by al most the top player in the league Kobe Bryant. He plays at the top of his game every time he steps on the court. He plays well at home or on the road, he also has a heck of a team to back up his excellent play. He got a good player in Lamar Odom and in Pau Gasol. They are close to the top of the list in several categories, so they play a heck of a game as well. They have a couple young players who contribute to Kobe’s tremendous play. They will have a good run in the playoffs, as everyone says.

The Atlanta hawks have a group of younger players who joined team last year, worked hard and improved their game in a short half of a season. They had a good playoff run last year but were defeated by the Celtics in a close series. They have a group of players who can do many things for instance, Josh Smith is a young high flyer who led the NBA in blocks a season ago. They have Joe Johnson who is in the top three of the NBA’s top shooters. They have young post players who are athletic and hustle. They are lead by their veteran point guard Mike Bibby, who knows how to get to a championship teams. With one more year of experience I think they will be one of the top teams.

The Boston Celtics are coming off of a championship season last year. They got the big three in, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen. They have all been in the league many years and know how to get the job done. They have a young point guard in Rajon Rondo, who can take over a game some nights and some nights just have a average game. They have a mainly a veteran post, starting with one of the best in Kevin Garnett. Their good defense is lead by Paul Pierce who is a leader and can get the team ready to play. They have one of the best chances to win a championship with the big three, they should the fans they can do it in one year, so they can probably do it with more time together.
The Cleveland cavaliers my favorite team, is lead by the MVP Lebron James. He is good at all most everything on the floor. He can play basically anybody out there, he has great speed, size and strength. The team has brought in good players around him since his draft day bough. He has a good point guard in Mo Williams who has experience, they have a good two guard who has been in the league but just starting seeing playing time with the cavaliers last season. They have two veteran post players in Ben Wallace one of the best blockers in the league all time. The other one is Zadrunas ilgauskas , he is one of the oldest players in the league and has played with the cavaliers for thirteen years. He knows the league and how to get the job done. Cleveland has a excellent chance at winning it all.

We will see how the playoffs turn out, and who takes it all.

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