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May 13, 2009
By Anonymous

The best team in the NFL is a very debatable subject. Many would just claim that their favorite team is the best. I know I would claim that my team, the Dallas Cowboys, is one of the best teams in the NFL. They have won five superbowl championships and are always a competitive team. I would also admit that the team I dislike the most is one of the best. That is the Pittsburgh Steelers who are always a team to watch out for. I will unhappily say they won the most superbowls with six victories.
There are many other really good teams also. For example there are three more teams I think compete to be the best. The New England Patriots who all football fans know is a feared team. They are very good when they are healthy and have the astonishing quarterback Tom Brady on the field.
Another good team is the New York Giants who come back to the new season just as good as the last. They have a really quick and strong defense, which is really needed in the NFL. They also have a good offense with a good quarterback Eli Manning. Their running game is also impressive with the strong runner, Brandon Jacobs.
The other team is the Arizona Cardinals who made an unbelievable run towards the superbowl this past year. They had a miraculous team but it still wasn’t expected to go as far as they did. The veteran quarterback Kurt Warner ran them. They have spectacular receivers Antwoin Boldin and the amazing Larry Fitsgerald. Also they had a good defense that helped get them to the superbowl.
Inconclusion that is the five teams I think are some of the best teams. They are always competitive and are teams to watch out for.

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