Crash Brings Memories from the Past

May 12, 2009
By stephen steele BRONZE, Bellaire, Ohio
stephen steele BRONZE, Bellaire, Ohio
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On Sunday April 27th 2009 nascar sprint cup series was in historic talladega super speedway when the race turned bad. Talladega is known for its big wreks high speeds and great finishes. The finale lap came around and Carl Edwards was leading he came down to the bottom of the track to block Brad Keselowski but it was to late Carl came across the front bumper of brads and sent Carl spinning at speeds over 190 mph but then his car came up the track and into Ryan Newman and caused Carl's car to go air born into the fence where 7 people in the front row got injured. This also happened in the 80's but more people had gotten hurt because the fences weren't as strong as they are in today's nascar races. This brings up the question should nascar do something to prevent this from happening again? Personally i think nascar shouldn't do anything becasue in every sport you have a chance of getting with something in the air like a baseball,football or soccer ball. It should be at your own risk of sitting in the front row and you should know the dangers of it plus nascar is alot safer than it was back then they have the ew safer barriers and new fences that help protect the fans and protects the drivers from the impact of the car hitting the wall so no don't change the way racing is.

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