My Soccer Life

December 3, 2008
By Anonymous

When I ten, I started to play soccer with my uncles and my dad. The experience of playing soccer taught me to stay in shape, stay away from drugs and alcohol, stay out of trouble, and be more focused on things. My great dad had me experience soccer at a young age and said that it was a very good sport to play. Then, at the age of 11, I continued practicing soccer and getting used to it more. Also, I was trying to learn new skills, like trying to kick the ball in certain ways and pass it to the other people by using my right or left leg. The other trick that I learned was to trick people by making them think that I was going to be going to my right by using my body, but actually I was moving to the left.
When I was really into the sport of playing soccer, I used all my free time practicing soccer and learning new moves so that I could become better than others. During the summer, I had never gone out or had done anything bad, all because I was so into soccer. I hadn’t gotten into any fights or trouble, especially with the cops. When I was 14, I started to play on Hmong soccer teams with my dad and my uncles. I played in the Hmong tournaments and played at the park against other soccer teams too. When I was playing on a team, I thought that I was pretty good, until we played against older men. They were a bit tougher than what I had thought.
When I finally hit the age of 15, I quit playing on the Hmong soccer team. Instead, I played with the KASA Heat team, which was the Kimberly Vipers. This group was more challenging; it had kept me in shape by running laps and miles. This team had a tough coach, which loved to keep us in shape and in good condition. This year I am still going to play for the KASA Heat for indoor soccer. This is how soccer has influenced me and has supported me too.

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