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May 18, 2009
By Chris Watkins BRONZE, Fairway, Kansas
Chris Watkins BRONZE, Fairway, Kansas
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I do tons of fun things during the year. I play sports all year round. I play soccer for all four seasons, and another soccer team in the fall and spring. I used to play for a small club, so we merged with a bigger one. Now I play on the same team just different club. I play for the Sour Pickles during the soccer seasons. It is a soccer team so it’s not like premier, but still fun. It was a school team for my grade school. I really like playing soccer, and will probably lay in high school. I go out of town for tournaments with my team, and play in some cool places. I would be going to St. Louis this weekend but I heart my ankle pretty bad and the doctor says I can’t play in the tournament. I might get to whales and England nest summer with my team. Our coach is from there, and definitely talks like it. I want to see a Liverpool game, and play against different teams form Europe.

I also play basketball in the winter. I play for the warriors. I like playing with and against all of my friends. Some of the games get down to the wire. It is fun to pull it out and win, but you don’t always get that lucky. Basketball is really fun, and I see a lot of my friends on the team. I play lacrosse in the spring, and love it. It was my first year last year and it was cool so I’m sure ill play it this year.So do most of my friends. My friend Connor has played it a while and got me on it. I want to play in high school, but will have to choose between lacrosse or golf as a spring sport.

In the summer I am actually pretty busy. I like to hang out with my friends and go to the pool. I’m on swim team, and like it a bunch. I am good at the butterfly, which is easy because no one relay wants to swim it. I like swimming in the relays because there’s other people to help you, and swim faster. It I fun when you know every one on the team, and it’s pretty big. We had cool coaches this year, and will have good ones next year too. Our swim team is one of the most fun things I do because you have more fun than you do hard work, I think.
I also love to play golf. I play at mission hills most of the time, but get to play other courses too. It isn’t the most exciting sport I play, but is still really fun. I play with my friends a lot, and we are all about the same level. So it’s good to see who shoots the lowest of us. This summer I was sort of bummed out that I didn’t break forty, because I was very close. I would shoot forties, forty ones, and forty twos, but never thirty nine. I will probably get it soon, and hope to get as low as I can. I am not sure if I’m going to play golf or lacrosse in high school. But which ever I choose I will still play them both for fun.

I like to play ping pong a lot. And my friends do to. I think we go through phases of what we do A lot, and right now its play ping pong and drink chocolate milk for some reason. I like to hang with friends and do crazy stuff with them. I also play tennis in the summer. I don’t take it as serious as all of the other sports, but it is still fun. I enjoy setting off fire works, and lighting stuff on fire do a lot of things, but still have to make time for homework, and other stuff like that. Those are not really all that fun, but sometimes we have to do things like that. Even when we could be playing ping pong.

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