NBA Officials or Dictators

May 15, 2009
By Malik Williams BRONZE, Bellingham, Washington
Malik Williams BRONZE, Bellingham, Washington
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What if you were in the play-offs the clock is running down and the ref blows the play dead. He makes the worst call ever he calls three in the key. You begin to argue with him the official then gives you a double technical foul and the other team gets a free throw and possession, and now you’re ejected from the game. They send their best free throw shooter to the line to try and tie the game. He makes his shot then the opposing team gets the ball and scores. Who really won the game the players of the officials?

In the NBA today players are getting bigger in size and some in ego too. I have seen many and played in many games won and lost by a horrible call by an official. An official doesn’t forget who said something to him last time down the court, he will watching you. So when you go to taunt the player you just scored on he will be quick to give you a technical.

There was a whole series won because of an official named Bill Donaghy who was betting on the games he was officiated. He was the official for 772 regular season games in 13 seasons. He is best known for previously being an official at the game between the Pistons and the Pacers, where because of his call a giant brawl broke and several people ended up getting hurt including fans and ended one players whole season.

Being in the NBA isn’t a very easy task you strict team rules you have to follow you have to also follow the leagues rules. When you aren’t playing basketball or training for it you have to then find or make time for family. When you have to deal with officials who are making horrible calls it eventually gets to you.

I think that officials have to much power they can dictate a game. Not that I think there are bias officials but there are some who tend to make calls depending on the teams playing. Usually if there is a really good team playing against a bad team the better team usually gets more calls their way which isn’t right.

According to in 2006 NBA teams would take at least twenty-six free throws and would only make nineteen. Even with a low percentage like there are still a lot of points. Twenty-six free throws means there were at least thirteen shooting fouls.

The seeding in the play-offs doesn’t work well. When a bad team plays a good team you expect the good team to win. But if the official chooses that they want it to be a close game they can. For example they can give your best player so many fouls you have to take him out, or he might get angry enough to the point where he gets ejected.

I think that most people under look how hard it is to play a professional sport especially basketball. This sport is probably one of the hardest to play. It’s you and your team against everyone else, but if you’re on a good team you sometimes get that little boost from the officials.

It is very easy to get caught up in all the drama in the NBA. Just a few days ago there was an incident between an owner and a player’s mother. A person had made a comment about the team being a whole bunch of thugs and owner went and pointed his finger at the players mother and told her that her son was one of the thugs.

I feel that if the NBA continues to get officials who are going to be bias to the better teams and the players that they like then the NBA will be destroyed. The some of the officials are turning into dictators and I know that’s not what Mr. Stern the NBA commissioner wants.

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