what you can do to get better a basketball

May 12, 2009
By juwan whetstone BRONZE, Bellaire, Ohio
juwan whetstone BRONZE, Bellaire, Ohio
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The things you can do to get better at basketball,

The first thing you can do is practice shooting, dribbling and handling the ball.

You don’t have to do any fancy moves; you have to be able to work on it till you get
You can try to shoot, dribble, and handle the ball under pressure with both
For at least 30 minutes everyday. When you get better at it you can try anything you thought might help you. Then you can start on making plays and how to do them with your teammates. Study the plays you made every night. When you go to games practice them before the game, and when you have extra time in warm-ups.

In your games be a team player and share the ball with your teammates. Don’t get mad if they miss a shot or lose the ball. Try to get it back and score.

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