Softball Tryouts

April 21, 2009
By Renee Foster BRONZE, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Renee Foster BRONZE, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
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Have you ever wanted something so bad that you wanted to scream?! Well, my names Katie and softball tryouts coming soon and every girl wants’ to make the team. I really wanted to make the team because softball is my life.

My best friend’s name is Madie and she understands how much I like softball because she plays softball too. A lot of the girls hate when we practice all the time. They are mad that we don’t have time to hang out with them. I keep telling them that softball is my life and that I will hang out with them later.

I have also been practicing all the time. And yes, I mean “all” the time. I have been dragging my family outside to practice with me, but the one person who practices with me the most is my dad. He always comes out and practices with me, but sometimes I have to drag him out to the field. That’s okay, I need the practice. Then sometimes he gets tired and goes inside but I keep practicing because I need as much practice as I can get. The best way to practice is when Madie comes over and we practice together. We keep practicing because we know that we want to make the team.

Finally, the softball tryouts came. I was so excited! I threw my softball bag in the back of my dads truck and we were off. When we came to the field I was a little shocked of how many girls were there to tryout for the team. My dad told me to have fun and then I walked to the bench were everyone had put their softball bags. Some of the bags were much larger then others, but mine was one of the biggest. I looked around for Madie. When I saw her she came over and we were talking about how many people were there to tryout. We were both a little nervous but we couldn’t help that. The coach got us all together and told us that we would be split up into group and do the tryouts that way so things weren’t as confusing. We went threw different fielding and hitting and all that stuff. The coach told us that he would post the team on the wall of the of the batting cage soon. Then he asked for all the pitchers and catchers to stay. There was me and a couple of other girls who looked like they new what they were doing. When we were finished with that tryout I had Madies mom take us home.

When I woke up the next day I ran down to the field which was pretty far away. I saw the list from a distance and ran over. I was the only one that was there. Guess what?!
I mad the team!! I was so happy that I could have screamed.

That was one of the most happiest days of my life. On the bottom of the list it said “Don’t be late for practice”. It was the best day of the year!!!!!

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