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I Told You So This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Dear younger self, I know you’re hurting. I know every night is a battle, screams of anger and tears paint the walls in your house with a bitterness and loneliness you can’t seem to scrub off. I know you’re trying. Dear... (more »)
Simplest Love
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I could never understand why anyone had ever loved me, though I was certain that I loved plenty of people. I loved my mom, the way that she always knew the answers to all the puzzles you could ever ask her. I love my dad, the way that he got... (more »)
My Dream Job
By , New Prague, MN
Have you ever seen the way computers and programs are made for your enjoyment? It is not the easiest thing to do, in fact computers are programed and coded by many people writing different pieces of codes and computer are designed by a group of... (more »)
Some Convoluted Contradictions
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There is so much happening within me. Endless thoughts bathe my mind and soul, although they’ve lost their refining refreshment and have become lukewarm. These thoughts seem to throw me into a convoluted world of my own confusion, but in... (more »)
An Interest in Chemical Engineering
By , farmington, IN
I enjoy science in general, but chemistry is my favorite. The aspect of problem solving and the vast amount of knowledge one can accumulate by studying the elements is something that I have always been inclined to pursue. This job requires a... (more »)
Life of a Conservation Officer
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All across the nation people are protesting against hunters. They say that hunters are killing all the animals and are the reason why many species are going extinct. What they do not realize is how much hunters and fishermen do for the forests,... (more »)
Dreams Do Come True
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Seeing a bird flying when you're walking or driving is amazing too really think about. Having the feeling of flying thousands feet above the ground is feeling of its own. But being about to control your movements at great speed is an unreal... (more »)
The Few, The Proud
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27 November 1950: Chinese forces surround the 1st Marine Division at Chosin Reservoir in Korea. A cold front had set in a few days earlier with highs only reaching about -35 degrees.  The temperatures were so low, rifles lubrication... (more »)
The Eye of Medicine
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Imagine losing your balance and falling off of your bike which then results in breaking a bone. Imagine not only the immense pain, but also how the pain would be never ending if there was no way to see what happened to the bone when you fell.... (more »)
Dream Job
By , New Prague, MN
In America each year there are over 5.4 million cases of  nonmelanoma skin cancer. That is only one type of skin cancer. Dermatologists help people with cancer and other skin diseases every day.They do facials, they recommend skin care,... (more »)
Walleye Fishing: My Dream Job
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George Lucas once said, "Dreams are extremely important. You can't do it unless you imagine it" (Sturk). Imagine that you could be able to do something that you love and also be able to make a living doing it. I think that is what... (more »)
Roots of Park Rapids
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Looking at anything in another person's perspective can be enlightening. This painting showed me an entire different side of the town of Park Rapids. I realized I didn't know much about the past of it. This painting really made me look... (more »)
Hunting and Fishing Guide
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Imagine that turkey strutting into the decoys, your heart racing, the adrenaline flowing through your blood as as if it was almost numbing. your heart beating so fast and loud you think the turkey will hear it. That is just another day of... (more »)
Science Behind Jello
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Today, I was at a party. We were being served a marvelous Jell-O dessert. We all swarmed around the server, eager to get our hands around one of those scrumptious looking cups. I turned back, elated that I got one that did not look deformed from... (more »)
Blindfolds Are Invisible
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Removing blindfolds can be a tricky business if you know how to do it the right way.  Blindfolds are invisible, making them hard to find on people.  One of the worst things about blindfolds is the fact that you don’t know you... (more »)
Vignette: The Biting Rabbit and the Cinderella...
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What a very convenient topic for a vignette: getting bitten by a rabbit on the first day of school. I was a pig-tailed girl in a blue Cinderella costume (bad idea). When I first glimpsed the classroom, a dimly-lit square room with a worn... (more »)
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