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Here are the most recent personal experience articles:

My Best Friend
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My mind is as blank as my snapchat story. Some call this “bored” but I don’t think you can be bored every day. I don’t want to do homework or even move from sprawled out lounging on the couch. I turn on the television... (more »)
Dream Job
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Can you imagine having millions of people watching you every night? You’re talking to a celebrity like they are your best friend. Hundreds of people watching you live and millions more watching you at home. They also do not do a lot a lot... (more »)
Order's Up
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Waiter. Server. Whoever you call that person that brings you your food at your favorite restaurant probably has more going on than you know. Unless you’ve served in a restaurant before it’s hard to understand what a server goes... (more »)
Bless You
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“Bless you,” … “gesundheit” … please shut up. I’m not sure when drawing attention to someone’s bodily functions became polite. It isn’t. Maybe it makes you feel good about yourself.... (more »)
The Jacket This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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It all started with the search for the dance jacket. My sights were set on finding the jacket, choosing a size and reporting back to my coach. That’s exactly what took place, but through the chaos of it all, I came to make a decision that... (more »)
Essential Time
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Every human start their life from babies, not knowing anything. As time goes, we all grow up and prosper. We learn more and more things that we didn't know in the beginning, and gain more and more experiences as life progresses. Since... (more »)
The Road of Teen Politics This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Being a liberal in south Alabama is a bit uncommon. When you live in the most conservative part of the country, it’s expected to have Republican, orthodox organizations in high school. But what about Democrats? What about those who... (more »)
Broken Bond
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My mother wasn't always around. I do not recall a time when she was there for any amount of time that may have been more than long enough to send someone else my way. Often I think that I wasn't wanted because she didn't care. That the doctors... (more »)
Do You Really Want To Be Alone?
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The answer to the question, "are you alone" is a question that can be answered by the actions of your daily life. Decisions that people come across in life are who to associate with and whom to become friends with. The way you answer these... (more »)
Family Over Friends
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Listening to Adam Levine’s “Locked Away” has got me thinking about something I’ve been dwelling on for a while now. A year ago, I got to know my closest friend. Spending time with him everyday during the summer, I told myself that my... (more »)
By , Phoenix, AZ
When my siblings and I were younger, each summer my dad would take us and sometimes one of our friends camping. Tucked away on the outskirts of Sedona is Manzanita Campground, and after a three hour car ride full of munching on Cheerios and... (more »)
The Star Nosed Mole
By , Tempe, AZ
The star nosed mole is one of many interesting creatures. Its most interesting feature and most recognising is its star shaped tentacles surrounding the nose. The moles measure roughly 7.6 inches (19mm) and weigh about 50 grams. As shelter they... (more »)
Don't Ask
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The blue ceiling of the earth smiling softly through the skylight above gave off an amniotic aura.  The huge room was quiet, so very quiet.  My chest rattled as I breathed.  I could feel my head drooping, my pencil sliding in my... (more »)
Call Me Doctor Feminist
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Remember when we were little and all we had to do was see something, dream something, and for that moment it was true. I could see a firewoman climbing into her fire truck, and I then moments later I would be jumping on the couch putting out an... (more »)
Social Project// Social Anxiety
By , farmers branch, TX
Social Anxiety is the excessive fear of embarrassment in social situations that is extremely intrusive and can have debilitating effects on personal and professional relationships. Also called social phobia. How common is social anxiety... (more »)
Makeup Is an Art, Not a Mask
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There are so many misconceptions about makeup artists and people who wear makeup; assumptions are made that the reason we wear makeup is to hide something we don’t want the rest of the world to see. This isn’t the case. I mean sure,... (more »)
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