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Hate or Happiness
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The problem with body image issues isn’t that you can’t look in the mirror. It’s that you can’t stop. You spend hours staring at yourself and pinching and squeezing, sucking in and grabbing fingerfuls or handfuls of skin. Some days you... (more »)
How Things Change This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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   Its funny, now that I look at this picture, I realize how much times have changed. No longer do I have blonde hair, no longer does my dad have that athletic build, and no longer do my parents have the sweaters they are wearing in the... (more »)
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The Dream
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The final story in O'Brien book “The Things They Carried”, it reminds me of what i would've done in a situation, or how i would act for a first date to this date. Only once have i brought my dad back in a dream, I don’t really remember the... (more »)
Being Me
By , Wilmington, DE
I like being me it’s great and fun. i have a mom and dad that smoke. My dad drinks and my mom does occasionally. People are so crazy these days thinking oh if I try it once I won’t get addicted. Well you do and those cigarettes cost you.... (more »)
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I Will Miss...
I will miss my old house, though small, it held a lot of good memories. With my room that i had to share with my brother. Or the family room, where my family would sometimes gather to watch a movie or play a game, or other fun activities, and... (more »)
Going Back To 2008: The Hollister Trend
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I was never one to fit in a crowd. I mean, I didn't go out of my way to stick out like a sore thumb, but it was the little things. The minute differences such as my refusal to participate in the Hollister trend, that set me apart from others. When... (more »)
The Story of a Girl
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This is the simple story of a girl. She fought to get where she is today and she is going to keep fighting until there are no more battles to fight. She was born fourteen summers ago, on a night when fireworks rocked the world. She grew into a... (more »)
Yeah, I'm Gay, So What?
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Hi, I'm gay, and there's nothing wrong with it. I can go on about how over 1500 animal species display homosexual behavior, or how it's at least proven that being gay is not a choice, but I'd rather convey a personal... (more »)
The reunion of father and son after 45 years
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My dad was adopted as an infant because he was born to teenage parents in April 1969. As soon as his biological mother started showing, she was forced to move away and not stay in contact with the biological dad. The dad (Alfred) was heartbroken... (more »)
Tattered Pockets
I was already stung full of insecurities. I was the type of awkward, which was forever called ‘booty shorts’, because they didn’t know my name. I was born in California, considered to be snobby and rich. They didn’t give me the time to... (more »)
Meant For Something Greater
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As a child growing up, you try and find the greatness in life. The very things worth living for. But what if something prevents you to find this very greatness? Then what? I’ll lay it out. My life was not the life that I’ve seen so many... (more »)
A Moment of Reverie
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Its dusk, in what seemed like a bowl between mountains. The pink and orange sunset hid behind a mountain, creating a silhouette and a shimmering stripe across the lake. The waves repeatedly kissed the shore, with a quiet splash each time. The... (more »)
No focus to face this
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I have no focus to face this, I have no focus to face you. My mind goes blank like a sheet of paper waiting to be filled with graceful words. I have nothing to say but with every word I say is to try to make you stay. Words slip off of my tongue... (more »)
You're Supposed To
By , littleton, CO
We don’t need you. I guess i can’t speak for everyone but I don’t need you.  I don’t need you or anyone telling me I’m ugly, lazy , fat, rude, or any other insulting thing you can think of. You’re my dad, you’re supposed to be the... (more »)
Our Thread
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The Thread That Fell Apart I miss our cynical jokes. I miss our odd connection that was a comfort, a point of reason in a world where things seem to get crazier as time goes on and we get older. I miss your relentless teasing, our ridiculous... (more »)
Heartbeat and Lies
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Panic clouds my good judgement, and my heartbeats steady pace suddenly becomes rapid and inconsistent. This feeling, has become a daily occurrence, hitting me right when I have my guard down, right when I think I’ve gained control of its... (more »)
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