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To the Girl I Used To Be This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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My philosophy professor has a thing for quotes. Walk into her office, and you’ll find yourself overwhelmed by the many words inscribed on the desk and walls and various travel mugs. She believes, passionately, in the influence of a phrase, and... (more »)
Kimya Dawson, My Mom This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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I first heard Kimya Dawson’s music on the Juno soundtrack. I hadn’t seen the movie- I was young and my mother didn’t think it was appropriate- but we had the soundtrack on orange vinyl. The first song that I remembered by name... (more »)
One Shot
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The screaming of the wind, that’s all that I could hear sitting in my stand, on November 19. Opening day, a pretty boring one at that. Until that late afternoon. The giant gusts of wind were like listening to the radio with the... (more »)
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There was once a girl I knew, She was very beautiful. She had sparkling blue eyes, and long, brown hair. She was dating this guy that was about 23, and she was 17. I told her not to do it... but she doesn't listen to anyone. She snuck to see him... (more »)
I Believe...
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I believe in education. I believe that love has power, yes, but not that it can conquer all. Mostly, hard work is what gets people far. I believe in truthfulness. I believe in being logical before sentimental; in resisting fads and fleeting... (more »)
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I could have written about literally anything I wanted to… But I chose this, don’t ask why. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s out of anger or because I still can’t get over the fact the people who I am supposed to look... (more »)
A Letter to Julian
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Dear Julian, December 4, 2016… We made it to a year! We are meant to be because we have gone through everything that could have broken us apart, but rather it made us stronger which is why this is where we are today. I think I can... (more »)
My Experience in Mexico
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The two weeks spent in Mexico was the most fun I’ve had in long time.  I went to Mexico to get to know more of my family and about the Mexican culture.  Excitement flowed through my body, anxious to arrive.  I was so ready... (more »)
What Your Art Means to You
By , Slidell, LA
I haven't written in a while. I used to write all the time during 7th grade. It wasn't because I particullarly loved writing, or even liked it, but I carried a journal around all the time just to scribble down random words in the middle of... (more »)
At the Weaver's Place in Gadwal
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The term “weaver” may seem ancient because we as Indians heard about the greatness of the weavers of our country right from the time before independence.  It was Gandhiji’s idea to use khadi(a type of material that is... (more »)
Dark Days
By , Battle Creek, MI
I remember it like it was yesterday, December 10th 2015. I wake up and do my daily routine to go to school. Get up, take a shower, brush my teeth and  head to school. As I remember it is my friends birthday I text her saying happy... (more »)
Careful Who You Choose
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A new home , a new life. I was about five years old when I moved to a small place called Plumas Lake. I didn’t really have a choice I thought of it like a new home met new school , new school equaled new friends and a fresh start. Rio Del... (more »)
Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover
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  It was 3:30pm on a Friday and I was walking home with my friends Emmanuel and Joaquin. We were talking and i said “ What you guys doing today’’? Emmanuel and Joaquin said ,’’ Nothing just going home... (more »)
So You Think You Can Dance
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It was July 14 2016,I was outside playing at the park cheering and dancing to show Step team.There was this girl named beth, she came up to saying “ you call that Cheering and dancing you’re so terrible that I can even tap dance... (more »)
Not Always Them
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One snowing morning when I was sitting on the sofa touching my Ipod like always. I hear a knock on our door. When I open the door I found Annie and her mother standing in the cold snow. “ Hello please come in it’s cold outside “ “... (more »)
First Day First Experience
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It was my first day of school at middle school and i had never even heard of this school. I asked my mom why did i have to move schools and she would always say, “It's the best for you”. It was my first day of school and i got... (more »)
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