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#43: Describe Happiness
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    When you finish that last math problem, and a wave of calm rolls over you; that's not the feeling. Although relief is close, but it's not on the same spectrum of happiness. Happiness is the bubble of giggles when... (more »)
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Broken Legs
By , Arlington Hts, IL
I have always wanted to fly. Not like at American Airlines I mean me just up and flying like the blue jay thats always in my backyard. Thats probably why I have always loved trampolines. The way each and every stitch is weaved like my grandmas... (more »)
Precautionary Lock down- How 20 Minutes...
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 April 15th, 2015, I walked into my first period math class on my first day back from spring break, excited to see my friends and prepared to fall back into the rhythm of school.  However, I was in for a surprise. About 15 minutes... (more »)
The Invisible Man This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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It was a blistering cold day in Downtown Toronto and with every breath I took, I could feel my insides turning to ice. The streets were cluttered with people, who, I thought I could avoid after getting into Union Station, but I couldn’t... (more »)
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My dog Jordy has to be the most undisciplined creature in the animal kingdom. One might suspect a dog that has been domesticated for eleven years to be potty-trained, but our Jordy defied the odds. Some others might suspect that he not be as... (more »)
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Tear Stained Train
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This is a picture I did not take... of a woman on a train, her cheeks soaked with her tears.  Her ohone angled toward her mouth, packet of travel-sized tissues in the other hand.  After ending a distressing phone call, she flips through her... (more »)
Old Faithful
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On the family vacation to Yellowstone National Park we saw many beautiful sights, but none were quite as pretty as the sight of the Old Faithful.  Old Faithful is a gigantic iconic geyser in the National Park.  In just one eruption,... (more »)
There Is Hope
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When I was 7 years old, my best friend passed away (my grandpa). He died of a heart attack. I've been depressed every since then. When I was 13, I hit the breaking point. I overdosed for the first time. I took 23 Resperidones. The worse part of... (more »)
Perks of Being an Introvert
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It all starts in elementary school, where screeching children decimate a wall with muddy rubber balls. Off to the side is the kid who walks, eats and lives with his best friend: the book. Society labels this kid “the loner.”... (more »)
Death is Cold
It had started out as a cold winter.  It was just before Christmas that my family had heard that our cousins Jazzy, Max, and Zoey along with their parents, Melanie and Tom, were coming to visit from Texas, it had been a very long time... (more »)
Life Lessons From Under a Firetruck
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As I lie on my back under the 1932 McCann fire truck that is steadily dripping grease and oil, I consider the impact of my work on my life. On the weekends, I weld iron water tanks for antique fire trucks. I also fix the trucks’ engines,... (more »)
Familiar Faces
By , Sunnyvale, CA
I worked a party today and saw a familiar face. Perhaps I met her before. With the tension of business politeness we asked where we knew each other from. She was my old teacher. She wasn’t just any teacher. She was my 7th grade biology... (more »)
By , State College, PA
“Can I have a hug?” he asked, his crystal blue eyes sparkling. He pulled me close. He was much taller than me, so my head rested on his chest. I couldn’t feel his heartbeat… only my entire body shaking. I never... (more »)
A Dark Curtain Shrouding Our Family
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Everyone has had a “first” before; it could be anything; first kiss, first physical or emotional fight, first time you feel in love, and so on. For me, I have experienced several “firsts” in the past few years. I will... (more »)
The Heart of Europe
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My experience in Budapest, Hungary lasted a mere day,  hardly enough time in traveling terms to truly see the city in all its glory, but even in those few hours I found myself overwhelmed by the timeless beauty and grace of the city. When... (more »)
Embracing Loneliness
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My lonely conscience ebbs at me for not enjoying the rosy school life many children and teenagers are having currently. It wonders if my friends are truly there for me, or if they are really just using me. But I remind myself that these people... (more »)
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