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Squirrel-demic This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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I knew the squirrels at the University of North Texas were more than a little friendly. I had seen their antics when I toured in the spring, reaching for bits of Chick-Fil-A from my mother. But these squirrels were on the border of being... (more »)
A Night to Remember
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Everyone has desired being the star for one night. I wished to be one of the celebrities walking on the red carpet in the “Oscars,” modeling their gorgeous dresses and smiling for all the paparazzi. I dreamed for one night to be all about me.... (more »)
White Noise and Leeches
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Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with the illusion of a flawless family road trip. The four or five faces grinning from ear to ear as they're all shoved into a car the size of a box of crackers. Yeah, I really wanna go on a... (more »)
Harry Potter Saved My Life
By , Springboro, OH
Harry Potter saved my life. It did. My parents divorced when I was five. At that point I was too young to understand anything that was happening, and my little brother was even younger.All I knew, all I needed to know, was that Daddy came back... (more »)
chasing away my demons
Stare into my dark soulless eyes and tell me that you love me. That I am still beautiful and loving after losing everything. Tell me that my withering crippling body is not ugly. Threw anorexia and depression. The bones and the scars. That you... (more »)
Two Lives Taken Too Soon
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Quite rarely, I remember things about my father, nearly everything is a blur, although, I do obtain one crystal clear memory. It appeared in my dreams throughout elementary school. It’s dark in the apartment, lit by only a few lamps and the... (more »)
Why I skipped the school, today
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It all happened like this, that on one fine day when I was sitting idly in my classroom one of my class-mate approached me. An impish grin was embossed on his face. “Do you have ten rupees?” “What for?” I asked with an air of annoyance.... (more »)
July 22nd
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Lights on, hushed voices, lights off, the sound of feet hurring across the floor and the ticking of a clock as I was pulled back into reality. Their is only one word I remember being woken up to and that is "Heartattack." His heart... (more »)
A Clown Is Not Perpetually Happy
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I remember. I was only around about four years old, but I still remember it happened. I am not entirely sure if it were real; maybe it is my mind playing tricks of confabulation. Even though the memory seems surreal, the image is vivid, which is... (more »)
the girl dieing inside me
By , Wausau, WI
One thing you will never see and never know is my deepest secret. Well I guess you will know a memory from that. Every thought haunting me like a ghost on Halloween. The feeling and the voices swarm as bees would swarm a beautiful flower. I hear... (more »)
One More Day
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There was nothing that I hated more than getting blood work done. I was even scared of the little finger pinch. So on the day my mother took me to my pediatrician unexpectedly, I was particularly nervous about being tested. I sat in the big chair... (more »)
Ogres come from the Black Ink Lagoon
By , Hackensack, NJ
It's been a while since I've actually been honest with myself. Is that a coming-of-age thing? Is that apart of the "phase" parents and therapists use to confine the years of awkward adolescence? I don't think it should be.... (more »)
Life and Death This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Imagine yourself on your deathbed right now and ask yourself this: have I experienced life, do I have any regrets? Just because you are young and you think you have a whole life ahead of you doesn't mean you cannot have really lived. When a... (more »)
Learning the Hard Way This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
By , Gasparillo, Trinidad and Tobago
Being a teenager with strict parents, I often lied to them out of fear that if I told them the truth about my feelings and certain events in my life, they will disapprove and punish me. I do understand that they love me and want the best in life... (more »)
Edit to Thoughts
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I guess I was wrong about what I said in Thoughts. I don't know what to say, you were right, and I know that. I'm crazy, silly, and an idiot, I know. I am so sorry that I screwed up and did that. Please forgive me I am begging you.... (more »)
The Fibro Chronicles
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I try to live my life the best I can everyday. I live, I breathe, and I try to look at everything with optimism. Unfortunately, that isn't always enough. Living and breathing is a tricky game to play when you are a teenager living with... (more »)
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