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The Hound of Farragut Street This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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It was huge. Its teeth were a thousand jagged shards of glass; its eyes endless pits of flame. As it prowled towards me, lips pulled back in a snarl and muscular haunches rippling under taut skin, I remembered the words of my mother, who at that... (more »)
If You Love It, Let it Go
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You would be lying if you claimed you never had some type of nick-nack you were obsessed with as a child. Whether it be a toy, a stuffed animal, a blanket, etc., everyone has grown up with some constant in their life they went to for comfort.... (more »)
Sacramento, My Home
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Sacramento is a places where you can just walk down a beautiful road with amazing ancient trees that look like they can touch the sky. The smell of the fresh air and cinnamon as you walk down the down Sacramento. The view of a gorgeous river... (more »)
My Bullies Gave Me A New Identity and I Love It
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When I get older, certain experiences I'll remember with a happiness on my face, others will be more angry like and some will have a nice amount of fondness. This includes middle school, the worst years of my life and the best thing to... (more »)
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I Am the Tiger
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When I was seven years old, my aunt had taught me a song about tigers. I loved that song and I would constantly find myself humming or singing it, unable to get it out of my head. Noticing my immediate liking to the song, my aunt, who owned a... (more »)
The Day My Life Changed
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Have you ever stopped to realize how good God is? I hadn’t until I trained a group of kids. Training changed the way I looked at the world. “God has given us two hands, one to receive with and the other to give with,” said... (more »)
Big Things
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My name is Melanie G., and I’m a student ain high school. I have a wonderful mother and an amazing step dad. I also have three brothers, I’m the only girl. I have two best friends who’s always there for me and do everything... (more »)
My Favorite Bad Day
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“I think it spells trouble” Justin says as the play “Where There’s a Will There’s a Murder” comes to an end. “Music go, lights up” Katie says as I hear my queue to play the music to end the... (more »)
My Vision
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Fighting for your dreams takes time,is risks taking, and has many responsibilities; because following your dreams is an uneasy route to take but will have a great ending. And for me, I’ve dreamed to be an Anthropologist who can travel to see... (more »)
Gissel Hipolito
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Oscar Wilde “Be yourself; everyone is already taken”. My name is Gissel Adriana H, and I am 14 years old. I have three brothers and two dogs. My family are people that help me when I need it. Music is my love and escape. In the... (more »)
The Secret About Me
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My name is Justin Z. who risk for good education, also love to play in my house, and would love to help my parent every day. My family are the one who I loved very much. I always like sleeping in my bed every night. And also would like to play... (more »)
All About Me
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Who am I? My name is Devin Y. I am 13 years young and a high school student. I am the middle brother of my family. In my family I have 2 brothers, 2 sisters, a mom, and a dad. I am a gamer because I enjoy playing games. I got into games when I... (more »)
Drying Fountain, Hear My Prayer This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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There are feelings, deep feelings boiling up inside of my mind, trying desperately to flow freely from my fingers. My mind is awash with ideas, I want more than anything to let them free, to get them on a paper, to show the world what I can do.... (more »)
How My Depression and Anxiety Lead Me to God
By , N/A, IL
Growing up, I was always surrounded by the Catholic faith. I was baptized and raised Catholic. My family and I went to church every Sunday. I knew how important it was to go to mass and to receive holy communion. I even attended a Catholic... (more »)
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I’ve always wanted a close relationship with an adult figure in my life , aside from my parents. Not to say that my parents have been unworthy or anything of that nature. I want to be close to an aunt, uncle or older cousin. I want... (more »)
By , wilmington, DE
“Mommy please!  She won’t leave me alone. Mommy why won’t she leave me alone… what have I done to her… please mommy just poison me”. I honestly don’t remember doing anything to her.  She ruined my life. There is one name that I... (more »)
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