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Armenian Genocide
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The wisdom we have is the wisdom we share with our children for them to rise above the gods. The thought that everyone has different stories is amazing. When we were little kids we didn’t understand them but when we grew up we didn’t want to... (more »)
An Amazing Future
By , Sachse, TX
 I am looking forward to attending Richland Community college in the fall to attend basic first year collage classes. It’s so close to my house and they have so many classes, almost all much as a University. But, even though... (more »)
Welcome to the Friendzone
The Friend zone is a dark terrible place that most people have been to. I should know I am the king down there. You are banished to the friend zone when the person you have a crush on does not reciprocate the same feelings for you. Unlike the... (more »)
The Last Sunset
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Commodities when clinch the finishing line tends us to slant our vision and sways us to see a new side to it. The gigantic prodigious ball whose beams coruscate amidst the fragments and squint out from the cloudy pane. The sight was quite... (more »)
This I Believe This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
I believe that one of the hardest challenges is—ironically—to be unabashedly one’s self, to really and truly accept one’s imperfections, insecurities, and desires. For me, this has been a long path to acceptance, filled... (more »)
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As the video I was watching came to an end, I hit the like button with a smile.  My playlist of liked videos on YouTube, as well as my subscription box, was full of inspiring, hilarious, and heartwarming videos made by ingeniously creative... (more »)
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Writer's Block
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I sat at my desk, feeling the stillness and silence of the house around me.  Defeated, I pressed my palms against my forehead and sighed.  Write something, she said.  Anything, and I'll read it.  At the time, I thought it... (more »)
Numbers That Betrayed Me. This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
By , Shrewsbury, MA
Sitting. I never thought this would be me--this was the girl I read about in stories while I ate handfuls of goldfish and yet managed to remain slim. But no, something changed, something in the years of self-loathing and depression changed,... (more »)
Free Me From The Dark
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The pit in your stomach when you feel like you've done nothing but disappoint everyone and most especially yourself is probably the worst feeling in the world. I'm sure everyone has had that one moment in their life when they have felt like... (more »)
An Untapped Dream
By , Lynn, MA
 Where should I begin? It was a regular Sunday, February 1st to be exact. It was Super Bowl Sunday that day. I was excited like every other person to watch Tom Brady and the Patriots beat the Seahawks that day. All I could think about was... (more »)
Divorce From the Point of View of a Child
The young mind is often subject to alterations based on the environment in which it is placed. A child in a happy environment is more apt to have a positive outlook on the world while a child in an environment filled with sadness and hatred is... (more »)
Little Sisters
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I can say I’m a blessed girl. C’mon now I love my little sisters. Everyone says blood is thicker than water and yes it is. I’m blessed to have a little sister that makes my heart smile. Laylanie is such an inspiration... (more »)
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I met you when I was 13. You were sweet and you let me sit next to you on the bus. We didn't talk for a while after that.   The next time we talked, I had won teh spelling bee. You asked me about my medal and told me to give you words to... (more »)
How to Lose A Lady in Ten Years
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When I was growing up, my parents got divorced. It soon became my mother with just me and my two brothers. My mom was never rich or had a lot of money, but she always found a way to give us everything we needed, regardless of her own... (more »)
Life = Andromeda Galaxy
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In May of this year, my older sister showed me a video that she found moving. It was a video about a picture- notably, the biggest picture NASA has ever taken of the Andromeda galaxy. It is a 1.5 billion pixel photograph, and took 4.3GB of desk... (more »)
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I groaned as I stepped out of my air-conditioned car and into the hot, scorching sun. I didn’t understand why I had to help do volunteer work with my dad when I could be hanging out with my friends. I frowned as I looked up into the... (more »)
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