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Here are the most recent personal experience articles:

Joe Long
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                                                                     ... (more »)
The Price of Life
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            I feel his arms slack around me, I hear his final breath escape his mouth, I smell my fear in the air surrounding us, and I taste the bile slowly rising in my mouth. Finally... (more »)
Indiana Beach
Last year in seventh grade Jose went to Indiana Beach. When the 7th grade arrived at Indiana Beach they ate our lunch. When they were done eating lunch, the 7th grade got their  bracelets to go on any ride and then they went to the rides. Jose... (more »)
Katie's 13th
Happy Birthday!!! Katie’s group of friends shouted as she blew out her candles. Katie and her friends had just gone out for the best birthday ever! They had gone to a Notre Dame volleyball game and then to the Pep Rally. This... (more »)
Guide to Meeting A Homeschooler
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Why pick on homeschoolers? What makes them so different? I mean, we're people too. We are just the same as you, only we don't have to get up at 6am, and then sit in classrooms with uncomfortable chairs for 40 hours every week. Instead, we get to... (more »)
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  I was lying down in bed slowly falling asleep. Everyone in the house has had a heavy heart for the whole week. We all knew that it was approaching but still ignored the thought. We all heard the phone ring, the loudest it has ever been.... (more »)
Fourth Place
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I’m at the top of Hughes, one of my favorite runs to race because it’s hard. Hard like tests that you didn’t study for or the asphalt when you fall off your bike. But I know it. Its at my home ski area, Winter Park. The other racers from... (more »)
Warped Tour
By , Park City, UT
Breath. Breath. BREATH!!! I was yelling at myself on the inside because Im loosing air. It feels like I’m suffocating. To make it worse its about a billion degrees. Claustrophobia and Asthma does not go well with Warped Tour. I had waited... (more »)
A Dog's Life
Who knew my dog could be so meaningful within my life.  My dog had been my life teacher.  When I was born, my parents owned a ten month old puppy named Winston.  Ocean-Blue eyes, silky-smooth brown and shaded grey coat, he welcomed me to the... (more »)
A [sea] Salty first kiss at Sweet 16.
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We played in the ice cold sea, and ran in and out of the riptides and crashing waves. We found ourselves at the shore once more ankle deep in the salty Pacific see in the sparkling Sands at Seaside, Oregon. "Hey, are you cold?" I asked... (more »)
Friday Night Lights
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When most people hear the term “Friday Night Lights” the first thing to probably come to mind are the high school football games. They think of cheering on their school on the cool and chilly October nights. Maybe sitting with the Spirit... (more »)
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The scent from coffee dripping down from the coffee machine and the sound of fruits grinding with the ice spread out the whole café. The calm classical music played; people were resting with a cup of coffee or drinks by themselves or with their... (more »)
Show Time
By , Hinsdale, IL
With a deep sigh, I call my mother for what seems like the hundredth time. After five rings, her voicemail starts up, the same as it has been for years. “Hi, you have reached the voicemail box of Lauren Evans DeJong. I am unable to come... (more »)
Lost Brother, Lost Friend
By , St. Paul, MN
The suffocating stench of smoke hit me like a bulldozer as I opened the passenger door to my brother’s black Cadillac. Why? was the only thought my muddled brain could muster. Tears filled my eyes, blurring the heart-wrenching scene... (more »)
The Final Shot This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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 It was the final home game for Incarnation. Just about everyone in the school showed up to watch. I was hoping I would start this game, but my hopes were not strong. I didn't get along with the head coach. Like I expected I didn't start but... (more »)
Broken Promises
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I hold them close to me, shards of my heart and security, pieces of my emotions, and fragments of promises. You always promised so much to me, those late nights when I was too scared to sleep, as many children are known to do. You promised me... (more »)
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