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personal narritve
By , idaho springs, CO
  There are many events that transition people into adulthood mine was in my opinion a little unorthodox. When I was a small child about 12 years old I went on a hunting trip with my father, little did I know that it would be a life... (more »)
Note to My Younger Self
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When mom and dad come up and ask to talk to your sister downstairs, keep on watching T.V. And however selfish it may seem, you are only ten years old and you deserve a couple more moments of ignorance. For all you know, she is in trouble. Enjoy... (more »)
I Love You
By , Idyllwild, CA
I want to be laying with you while you hold me and run your fingers through my hair or trace them along my skin. Which would help me fall asleep which seems impossible now, as I swear and shift with the desire of finding comfort. Then, I would... (more »)
Personal Narrative: "What I learned from...
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Imagine this, you are being rudely woken up and then thrown in a loaded pick-up truck before the sun is fully up on a cold morning in February. It’s hard to play an image like this through your head isn’t it? My brother and I didn’t have... (more »)
Plugged In
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“The Upper East Side was like something from Fitzgerald or Thackeray; Teenagers acting like adults and adults acting like teenagers, guarding their secrets, writing gossip all with the trappings of truly opulent wealth. And membership in... (more »)
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 She wasn’t an angel trying to get back to heaven, far from it actually. Sure, when she smiled, her hair all messy, her grin wide, just messing around in a field away from the city with our bikes somewhere by the dirt road, she looked... (more »)
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I was stuck in my cocoon.   In our tight-knit circle, we watched from afar as big, beautiful butterflies flew off into the great unknown.   We stayed. There was no reason to leave our safe-havens just yet.   You changed for a... (more »)
the devastating
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  A historical event that happened was that a huge earthquake had occurred a while ago back around twenty years ago in 1994. So many things were damaged many people died and it had a tremendous impact in many families. None of my three... (more »)
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How would you feel if the first nine years of your life was a lie. Kidnapped isn't the word you want to hear when you are only twelve. It was the day before my third birthday as my mom says. My brother and I were abduced by a women named Mary.... (more »)
Looking at the Stars
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Everyone leaves. One by one, everyone leaves your life and doesn’t even bother looking back. Do you ever just feel that way? As if the whole grand scheme of things doesn’t falter with or without those people in your life and although you... (more »)
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The air filled with the aroma of bleach and windx from the restroom floor, it’s like a pool and a hospital at the same time. There’s also a hint of the dusty residue that the old run down vacuum always left behind. It’s like a garbage... (more »)
Remember Me
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We have so much fun, together, you and I, chasing each other, laughing, making stupid jokes, and talking about this and that, but suddenly, I disappear from your memory, like I'm not even important anymore. Like all of the fun times never... (more »)
Daddy Dreams
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Brightly shines the sun and so are our hearts Atlast that day comes which we all awaited, done with final exams of high school! And its not about that ...As we planned the day we all meet up for one last time and then part. My dad's dropping and... (more »)
Skeptical West meets Traditional East
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My grandfather was the local physician in my dad’s village in China, and he would often prescribe herbs and strange ointments for his patients. My dad staunchly advocated for those weird medicines, and would encourage me to take an... (more »)
In the wake of whiteness
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The cartridge glides smoothly across the paper, and a thin trail of slick, shiny whiteness is left behind in its wake. Your hand continues to guide the whiteout effortlessly over the inky loops and lines and flourishes when, all of a sudden, the... (more »)
A Letter To Everyone Or Almost Everyone (Haha,...
By , Athens, GA
Dear Everyone or Almost Everyone, I'll be honest, I'm writing about suicide. I'm going to be writing about my personal experience with suicide and one of my experiences with God. I started getting depressed, maybe in 2011. But I didn't... (more »)
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