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Here are the most recent personal experience articles:

My Life
By , goodhue, MN
When my dad died four years ago i finally realized how much he changed my life. When my dad was 45, he drastically changed my life when he taught me about jobs. He was my first teacher and taught me about many things. I still use his advice... (more »)
Mi Familia
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Friends come and go, byt family stays forever. What matters most to me would be my family. I really can't imagine my life without my family. I'm apart of big families and I'm very close with all of them. I am forever thankful. I've been... (more »)
Understanding Mothers
Mothers are difficult to understand,they are like kittens chasing sticks and like dogs playing with a string of wool. My momrecently told me to not accept rides from other people even if its someone I know but when a bunch of kids from our... (more »)
What Matters Most
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What matters to me the most is my family. My family has always been there for me and helps me threw many things. Many people I could count on would be my parents. Other people I could count on is my grandparents who I am close to. The last set... (more »)
Have you ever been in a ton of trouble? It’s not fun for anyone, but there are a few ways that seem to help me to get in way less trouble. I remember one time when I was about 11 years old. When I was around this age, I watched a ton of... (more »)
Sweet Success
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There is always a person you look up to and see as a friend, role model, or parent figure. Each and every person has one, mine goes by the name of Tomm. He is a kind and understanding person who is a good listener and can always make me laugh... (more »)
Travel to Cuba Teaches Important Lessons
“So around 1pm, I'm sitting in a college classroom with about 50 Cuban college students. The dean comes in and says in Spanish something that I didn't really understand…I heard the words ‘Obama’... (more »)
I Do Believe in Faries This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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The steady bump, bump of my feet against the old theater chair in front of me earned annoyed looks from fellow theater goers in the near-by seats. Red velvet rubbed against my thighs as I took in the world that I loved and would eventually... (more »)
Segregation Simulation
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This is the story of my experience with our schools segregation simulation. And with your premition i'd like to share it with you.    Segreation Simulation                            Day 1 ‘African-American’ I think... (more »)
Black History Month
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I've never been called a Niger by a white person. I have been called an impressive assortment of other things but never that. I think that people would rather die than do themselves the disservice of dirtying their mouths with the word. I... (more »)
Behind the Keys
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Black patent leather seat. White keys rise from their glossy black case. Black ones interspersed and hidden closer to the faded gold lettering “Pearl River”. Flimsy red cloth whisked off. My hands rest lightly upon the keys that, however... (more »)
Be You and Only You!
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Shyness,awkwardness,maybe a little weirdness? Not to talkative, these are all trates that make you,YOU. We all have that point of time in life where you feel that either you don't fit in,are to shy,or awkward. When you want to make a new... (more »)
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There are only two. I like to think that’s because I’m young. Maybe as I grow older they’ll accumulate. Like scars. One on the knee from riding my bike to fast And spinning out of control. One on my forehead for diving In the... (more »)
Old Men in Wigs + Green = Value This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
I grew up with an inherent fascination of money. Food. Clothing. Toys. All were accommodated by this strange green paper. How did little portraits of old men in wigs lead to my Legos? I wanted to understand this ethereal phenomenon - every last... (more »)
Dear Erin
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I want to start by saying how much I miss you. It has been a week exactly and I finally understand what they mean when they say that grief is like a hole. Time has not healed anything, instead I hear the splitting of seams and rumble of thunder.... (more »)
The Man With White Eyes
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Her name was Wren and she saw a man with white eyes. This man would haunt her almost every night,and when she saw him, she would freeze like a beautiful I've sculpture. Her eyes would widen like a deer stuck in headlights,and she... (more »)
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