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A Letter to Suicide and Depression This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Dear Suicide and Depression, I’ll be honest and transparent with you, and I’ll tell you why I used to flirt with you and hang out with you, along with Depression. I hung out with you both because it felt like you two were the... (more »)
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Minooka Park, a true treasure, the largest park in Waukesha County. With a total of 579 acres, a place where you can enjoy a refreshing day at the beach, go on a hike through miles of trails, ride horses, walk dogs, swim, eat and ski. All year... (more »)
Remembering How We Met
  Do you remember how we met?  I remember every little detail.  So it goes like this. I had never really saw you around much until a class we had together. It was Foods I, and the teacher was Mrs. Larson.  When you... (more »)
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Driving down windy roads, with no surroundings except trees and corn fields, I discovered an enchanting building--the YMCA in Pabst Farms.  The outside is filled with kids, a tempting playset, and fields with my favorite sports being... (more »)
I Miss the Days
I miss the days when you’d push me on the swings. up… up… and oovvveeerrr the rooftops. I miss the days when we’d sing our favorite song even though we were completely off tune. I miss the days when you’d say “don’t get... (more »)
By , hartland, WI
Pine Lake is in Chenequa, in waukesha county in the state of Wisconsin. Fishing at Pine Lake is good because all you need to do is put in a line with a hook and bait and you are guaranteed to catch a fish. Fishing  there at any time of the year... (more »)
Dear Person Who Walked Slow
March 31, 2015 Dear Person Who Walked Slow, Thank you so much for making me late for my class because you and your friend felt the need to consume all of the space on the sidewalk. I hope you realize that because of your inconsideration I... (more »)
I Should Have Helped
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As usual, I was wandering from one room to another inside my house to find a convenient place to solve Maths problems. I was wandering.. not because I wanted to get a suitable place to study Maths, but because, my father had told me in the... (more »)
My Letter to You
Father, you might not care what I have to say or what I feel, but just thought I would let you know. I haven’t really seen or heard from you since last year at Thanksgiving maybe. I don’t really remember, that’s how long... (more »)
#43: Describe Happiness
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    When you finish that last math problem, and a wave of calm rolls over you; that's not the feeling. Although relief is close, but it's not on the same spectrum of happiness. Happiness is the bubble of giggles when... (more »)
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The Truth Shall Not Set Mother Goose Free This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
By , Houston, TX
My mother advised me not to tell anyone about her new job as a janitor because she said the kids at school would make fun of me. She sounded tired but excited. Her soft, brown hair was fluffed and her wrinkles were less creased. She took my... (more »)
Broken Legs
By , Arlington Hts, IL
I have always wanted to fly. Not like at American Airlines I mean me just up and flying like the blue jay thats always in my backyard. Thats probably why I have always loved trampolines. The way each and every stitch is weaved like my grandmas... (more »)
Precautionary Lock down- How 20 Minutes...
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 April 15th, 2015, I walked into my first period math class on my first day back from spring break, excited to see my friends and prepared to fall back into the rhythm of school.  However, I was in for a surprise. About 15 minutes... (more »)
The Invisible Man This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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It was a blistering cold day in Downtown Toronto and with every breath I took, I could feel my insides turning to ice. The streets were cluttered with people, who, I thought I could avoid after getting into Union Station, but I couldn’t... (more »)
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My dog Jordy has to be the most undisciplined creature in the animal kingdom. One might suspect a dog that has been domesticated for eleven years to be potty-trained, but our Jordy defied the odds. Some others might suspect that he not be as... (more »)
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Tear Stained Train
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This is a picture I did not take... of a woman on a train, her cheeks soaked with her tears.  Her ohone angled toward her mouth, packet of travel-sized tissues in the other hand.  After ending a distressing phone call, she flips through her... (more »)
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