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Here are the most recent personal experience articles:

My First Fight
By , providence, RI
It was the end of the school year 6th grade and there was this 8th grader that wanted to fight me. She honestly wanted to fight me over a boy that is related to me. So the day started off good i got in trouble a couple times but I... (more »)
Your Pen
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The ink is one of the most marvelous inventions in the world. We all use inks daily to take notes, to write novels, articles ,and poems by using our imaginary words. So, we can say that the ink is a very big step toward the modern ball pens.... (more »)
Growing Up Fearless
By , Barrington, IL
As a child, you experience a lot that changes you into the person who you will one day become. Every single day something slowly shapes you, good or bad, into who you are. In a perfect world there would be no more bullying, or poverty, but in... (more »)
The Day I Got My Dog
By , battle creek, MI
The day that I got my golden retriever named Charlie, he was so cute I wanted to hold him, I was so excited to get him. I was so excited because when we went to see him he was the one that was the only puppy sleeping. He's a golden... (more »)
Black Hole of Letters
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My name is a car with broken brakes. It never stops. It is the ink that falls off the side of the page. The third person in a groups that’s meant to be two. It’s the astronaut that detached from the ship, stuck in one big black hole of... (more »)
The Cold Powerful Current...
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It was a humid late afternoon, by myself in front of a huge body of water. Specifically Freeport River, at Garcia Ben.                     ... (more »)
Hide Your Brokenness
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And then there are those days when you try to keep a grin on your face but you just can't, and you falter for a minute, and someone asks you if anything's wrong, and you say nothing, nothing's wrong, but really everything's wrong and it's just... (more »)
Black Is Just a Color
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Being the only black kid in the family, it was ingrained in me that, only cause I’m black, people have every right to say anything about me and my parents can’t but agree to them. I was tired of the questions, tired of the same... (more »)
Night Hunters
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Thrilling.  Awesome. Incredible - are only a few words I can use to describe that night.  I can’t put into words the feeling you get when you’re almost caught. Caught in the act of manhunting.  None of us thought... (more »)
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The Time I Got An F
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  I was in seventh grade, in middle school. I had gone to all my classes except for fifth and sixth. I went to fifth period, did all my work and the classes was about to end. Since it was Friday, the teacher was passing out grade... (more »)
My generation
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My generation is completely different from every other generation that has come before us. There has been new inventions and events that have molded perspectives and beliefs of our new generation. Previous generations would most likely frown... (more »)
Sweet and Southern
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In my next five years I would like to see myself in college. I would like to see my falling in love with someone I can live out my dreams with. My dreams include me moving onto a ranch with a big piece of land. We’ll have a little boy named... (more »)
Unending Love
By , Portland, OR
Exhausted after a shower that I hoped would wash away the pain from running, I open my books and start chipping away at my math “homefun”. Buzz-Buzz My phone beckons. Why now? Everyone knows I do homework after cross... (more »)
Building My Family This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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They were all standing in a straight line. Eight feet in between each of them. I scanned the line, noting each one of their weaknesses and strengths. Ben. A freshman, who had never marched before, but was a strong player. Natalie. A... (more »)
Forged Through Adversity
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He laid on the bed, a mere 90-pound skeletal frame, bald, eyes closed, breathing his last breaths.  Each breath was a struggle and a moment of intense anticipation for our family who was circled around him. Inhale. Pause. Exhale. The... (more »)
Gone for Good
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She’d said it before, but it had been a blank threat. She doesn’t actually mean it, I thought to myself, She can’t do that. This time was different, though. As tears streamed down her face, there was a tone in her voice, full... (more »)
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