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Here are the most recent personal experience articles:

The Things We Take for Granted
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The parting of people is something nobody ever wants to happen in their lives. As many people have said it “everything happens for a reason.” Now that I am older, I can see things for what they really were when they happened, and I... (more »)
An Aroma of Reminiscence This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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I gripped the matte silver handle bar and braced myself for the worst: a black, burnt, hard-rock kugelis sitting in the middle of the oven. Surprise, surprise. For the fourth time that I cooked it since summer, I had still not managed to... (more »)
All I Wanted Was to Fit In
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“All I wanted is to fit in”  Looking at myself and seeing on what I have become. I just went along with it and if felt like my dreams are finally coming true. While laughing at this kid name Eric, I thought to myself... (more »)
What Is Profound?
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Most of us humans are given something to start with. We are given rubrics for our projects. We are given study guides for our tests. We are given time in order to start our day. And we receive instructions telling us how to live our lives. I... (more »)
By , Clarkston, MI
I saw her expression, I could feel the butterflies flutter in her stomach. I heard the girls on the field yelling at each other. I know she has been playing this game for over 9 years, yet every time I watch her on the sidelines she wiggles... (more »)
Pathways to Success
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During the time of the Jim Crow Era there were many caucasians and African-Americans who invented revolutionary inventions; whether that inventor had experience or not they still created something that people still use today like Sybilla... (more »)
The Poison of My Life
By , Thousand Oaks, CA
In all of my life there has only ever been one thing that has made me so furious and depressed and bothered down to my core. That makes my body seize when faced with it. That torments and shakes up and tears the peace right from my soul and... (more »)
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Why are we here? A question I ask myself often. What is my purpose here on earth? Is there even a purpose? For people who believe in God, they believe there is a written destiny for us that He has mapped out. We live life trying to figure out... (more »)
First Year Thoughts (and a bit of advice as well)
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About a week or so before classes ended, I was having lunch with my mentor, when she asked me a question that went something like this: Now that you've gone through your first year, is there any advice you would give to yourself before you... (more »)
Firefighter Joe
By , Buffalo, NY
As soon as I opened my eyes, I saw a figure. He was smiling back at me. Skinny and scrawny, a dark blonde buzz cut paired with olive green eyes and a white, goofy smile, teeth spaced apart a bit, he continued to stare at me while I tried to... (more »)
Nothing's Easy
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There is no word to describe the amount of anxiety I would have before a day of working with my uncle. All I could think about was the manual labor and the blazing sun. Temperature was always a major problem because I had to wear long pants to... (more »)
The Last Goodbye This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
By , Clakston, MI
I knew something was wrong when my mom got a call right before midnight, and while still on the phone, started to sob uncontrollably. I was sure something changed for the worst when she shoved me into the car at 12am to go to my grandparents’... (more »)
Touch of Grace
By , Atascadero, CA
 “Boys Come here!” Trevor and I both thought we were in trouble, it was the opposite of that,”I am pregnant”, confessed my mom. Neither Trevor nor me believed her, because I was 9 and he was 11. I had always thought... (more »)
Fresh Seafood
By , Clarkston, MI
After six more hours of my dad’s terrible road rage, we finally arrived that balmy June evening. Our final destination was Washington, D.C., but my parents decided to make a gigantic detour to take all of us to the Atlantic Ocean for two... (more »)
Learning and Involvement
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Most children learn how to ride bikes with their parents behind them, holding onto the back of the seat and the handle bar to insure their child’s peace of mind. The parent tells their children, “You’ve got it! Keep... (more »)
Childhood Trauma... and Bears
By , saratoga, UT
The forest I grew up in was full of life. It had gorgeous trees and beautiful animals. Where I lived we had a special name for mother earth's creatures, targets. The most common pass time for the children, in my neighborhood of only four... (more »)
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