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Here are the most recent personal experience articles:

Thoughts from a Not-So-Asian Asian
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I like to believe that I defy the stereotype of being Chinese. Instead of ruler straight black hair, I have a head full of brown locks. Instead of the supposed small eyes that so many people think we look at the world through, my eyes seem... (more »)
Yellow Flowers
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When I was younger I would pick the yellow dandelions that littered my front lawn. I held the vibrent flourishes in my chubby clenched fist, proudly thrusting them before my mother’s face.  For years she accepted them graciously, but... (more »)
Flames Of Panic
By , Arlington, VA
Dance class was supposed to start in nineteen minutes and my tap shoes were nowhere to be found. They may have been tucked in some corner or forgotten in a minivan but definitely not within the find of a nineteen minute search. As I continued... (more »)
Skyline to the Sea
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I had forgotten my hiking boots.  The cool earth sent chills through my worn crocs and I could feel the branches and rocks underneath my feet as my father and I trekked the winding path through the forest.  It was an old forest road... (more »)
Teachers Standing By
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Okay so I know that only the kids who kiss the teachers butts get attention. But when it comes to being pushed in the hallway everyday of the school year and one day you get tired of it a blast the person in the nose and YOU get in trouble for... (more »)
Savour Every Moment
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I savour moments like cotton candy melting on my tongue. Although it’s gone so quick I make every last second count. You see there is always a way out of your mind. No matter where you are, 1 minute out of  the 24 hours in your day will be... (more »)
Another Entity This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
By , Toronto, AK
Grade 7, Elementary school. You wake up, eat your breakfast, and wait, wait for that school bus to pick you up, waiting, telling yourself every day is a new, but you just don’t see it, the odds are never in your favor. You wait, trying to... (more »)
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Have you ever lost something and found it only lose it once more? I keep feeling deprived of something essential to my daily life. It always leaves me feeling terrible. I feel depressed and feel that if I don’t permanently find what I... (more »)
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In the war-torn and barren lands of Afghanistan, there lived a young boy. His father died when he had just turned three, leaving his mother with nothing but an unbearable amount of responsibility and trouble. The little boy dreamed big and had... (more »)
My own Senior Year Wisdom
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Today is Monday, and within a few short days, I will encounter a change greater than I have ever experienced before. Here, at 12:37 PM this Thursday, I will sit once more, and prepare to write -- though, it will be for the last time in this... (more »)
Daughter of a Soldier
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My father's name is Alonzo. He has traveled all around the world and has had many childhood stories. He has also had some present adventures, like raising me. I admire my father the most because of how strong he is. He takes care of me and... (more »)
The Shadowing Blues
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My hands were sweating as my aunt and I waited in the receptionist room for Doctor Vivek to arrive. He had told us to come to his clinic at half-past ten. Nearly an hour later, he still hadn't arrived. Jagged bolts of lightning illuminated the... (more »)
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When visiting the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art(UMOCA), I was attracted to one piece in particular, which was called the Object(ed): Shaping Sculpture in Contemporary Art. It was a small pool that was placed in the middle of a mostly empty... (more »)
She Can This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
By , Sharon, MA
She waits until everyone else is asleep to cry. Prying herself from a desk cluttered with essay drafts and math problems, she slips out the back door like a barely tangible shadow and wades in puddles of spilled moonlight glowing with a... (more »)
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My Eyebrows
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It turns back to the time when I was in grade 10, a boy approached me and said that “ why are you growing a mustache ?”  and walked away, this 14-year-old was completely muddled, then I brought my fingers to the philtrum and... (more »)
If The Walls Could Talk
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Hospitals are usually thought of as places of death. Places filled with scary machines and needles and terrible diagnosis’. They are not thought of as places of hope and friendship or somewhere where someone finally finds the meaning of... (more »)
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