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Here are the most recent personal experience articles:

The Day My World Went Dark
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It started as a normal day.  I had a normal breakfast, a normal car ride to school, and normal first few periods to my school day.  There I was in Mr. Wehri’s social studies class, learning all about our history as a nation and... (more »)
My Captor
By , Easley, SC
    I can’t even tell my parents what you did to me.     How in the world do you get it past the lump in your throat that seems to be crushing you to the point of barely being able to breathe? God I can’t say it. And there are people... (more »)
My Life Story
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Every time I take a test, boy do I pray. I have trouble studying, I try to listen. If you listen to God, he’ll listen to you. Trust in him, but don’t put him to the test. Like David, you can overcome any obstacle. David... (more »)
Shattered Season This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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“Lion Blue, 7-51. Go!” Coach said as he called in the play from the sidelines. On one of my last plays of my junior year, Lima Perry brought one linebacker to blitz on the rollout pass.  The o-line, myself included, ran our... (more »)
By , highland village, TX
In literature, water is often used a symbol. It represents truth, its clear surface easily seen straight through, but can also represent mystery. The translucence only lasts a certain distance toward the bottom before it turns to bone chilling... (more »)
I Am Fury
By , Bremen, GA
My view is distorted, marred by the tears that drip down my cheeks and stick to my eyelashes. Watery black streaks mark the inside of my glasses, where I blinked and left mascara smudged on the glass. Everything around me seems dreamlike, too... (more »)
I Take A "Trip"
I was five years old and I had not the slightest care in the world. I did not see the danger that my parents saw when they looked outside and a car was driving down the street. I did not see what was so wrong with trying to jump down a flight... (more »)
Insatiable Desires This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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How is it possible that a series of seemingly meaningless and unrelated events can manipulate our lives with such drastic modifications? To one person, two events may appear to be completely separate, lacking any connection whatsoever, but to... (more »)
Quitting Football for Cross Country
By , Defiance, OH
 ‘Is quitting the answer?’ This was notably one important question I would ask myself time after time.  Maybe I would think, ‘Should I just continue playing football?  Do I dare take the chance of trying... (more »)
I walk into in my room and see a familiar sight at the edge of my bed. My pillow sits there incognito with its beige color and feathers poking out of the thin lining. It has only one purpose, to keep my head at optimal comfort so I can enter a... (more »)
Airventure Oshkosh This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Thunder roars across the sky yet with not one cloud in sight, and the sun shines brightly.  People to my right, left, in front and behind me shoot their eyes to they sky as they shade themselves from the blinding sun.  The momentum of... (more »)
Why Did it Happen to Her? This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
On May 5th, 2011, I lost my mom, best friend, and the one who mattered most in my life.  She had noticed that she had started to lose a great amount of weight, and we all knew something was wrong because she just wasn’t the same Jina... (more »)
The Disease that Everyone Confuses
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Most people just don’t know the difference, and it hurts because none of us with type 1 chose the life of being diabetic. I didn’t choose to be made fun of or talked about, none of us did. Those diabetic jokes that everyone thinks... (more »)
Dreary, Snowy, and Wet
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My best friend, Ethan, and I rushed out the front school doors to my truck.  The bell had just given its final ring for the day, and school was finally over.  We had agreed at the beginning of the year to always, always be the first... (more »)
An Open Letter from Your Teenager
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Dear Parents, I must admit, we are very difficult to recognize. More often than not you seem to be completely at odds with who we have become. In light of this, allow me to illuminate the inner workings of the teenage soul. Or attempt it, at... (more »)
Take a Leap
The air was crisp for summer; a nice day to be hiking, but a cold day to be cliff jumping. The water was rough that day, tangling and clattering against the branches and rocks farther down the river. The previous storm had made the waters... (more »)
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