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Here are the most recent personal experience articles:

Under the Door of a Dark Room
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I believe in the power of loving relationships in our lives. I think I am such a fortunate person to have people in my life who will celebrate my happiness and alleviate my sadness. A close confidante can bring clarity, relief, and hope... (more »)
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Cheerleading is a difficult and dangerous sport. It takes a lot of strength physically and mentally. You have to be strong willed and not afraid to get punched in the face. You have to smile even if you feel like you want to craw into a corner... (more »)
My Promise to You
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It happened to you just as it has many others, and while I never experienced it personally, it tore me apart nonetheless. It was agonizing. To be mindful of your misery, yet unable to help. Suffering befell upon the whole family, no doubt, but... (more »)
First Caribou Downed
By , Fairbanks, AK
Ray was swearing like a sailor. We had gotten stuck in the swamp on the trail to the cabin. It was a cold night in the fall. The ATV shut off and we couldn’t start it without putting it in neutral. This was difficult because the wheels... (more »)
The City of Sin
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I didn’t expect myself to ever visit the one place that is paradise for all adults; but I was very surprised to drive alongside the sign, “Las Vegas 19 miles.” It all started back in December when my uncle decided to propose... (more »)
On Being Italian This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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I once read that the average Italian consumes 60 pounds of pasta per year. After reflecting on this, I conceded that it was probably true, but in my family at least, it was some top-notch pasta. You see, I didn’t even know that... (more »)
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Shut and Run
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I wasn’t free to leave. We were all locked from the inside. I had a sudden urge to escape, but I couldn’t. Fear engulfed me as my body refused to move a muscle, and for a moment I almost forgot to breathe. I've never come across... (more »)
Ramen Noodles
By , new windsor, NY
I finally let my words speak volumes after a long time of being on mute.    I was always an outgoing child; I said what was on my mind regardless of who was listening, always talking and full of energy. This changed over time. A series of... (more »)
Every Star Has a Story
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When you’re fighting for your life pain isn’t the first thing your brain responds to.  I heard him ask if I was okay and I said yeah I’m fine.  He said are you sure and gestured towards my arm.  That was the... (more »)
Never Enough
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I stepped out of the minivan like an actress would before strutting the red carpet. Instead, I wore my brand new Twinkle Toes and skinny jeans that made me feel dare I say, confident? Even as a eight year old child, the desire to be a part of... (more »)
Annie Dillard’s “A Writer In The World”... This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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I have tried to type something on Google Docs at least five times. Each time it’s deleted by that lovely voice in my head:  “That’s s***. Complete s***.” So bad that I will be dethroned from being the “Queen of... (more »)
Is Being Poor Easy? This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
Many people claim that poor people “have it easy”. However, what is easy about going home to your family and telling them that you are now unemployed? What is easy about having to tell your child that they might not have food on the... (more »)
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How Can We Help Native Americans Out of Poverty?
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Almost 200 years ago Native Americans were forced off their sacred land that they had for thousands of years. And ever since they were moved their lives had been changed what seems permanently. The people in these reservations have been living... (more »)
The Marching Band
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They’re at football games, parades, inaugurations, award ceremonies, scholarship signings, etc. You can hear them marching in from half a mile away. They are the backbone of school functions, they’re the heartbeat of sports. A... (more »)
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When you hear the word art, you probably think of that one Pablo Picasso piece your teacher made you look at; You might think of The Mona Lisa and how her eyes follow you wherever you go; Michael Angelo’s iconic scene on the ceiling of... (more »)
The Present
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It was a beautiful Sunday morning in Kalida, Ohio. It was like a picture out of a magazine the way the clouds were aligned and the stillness in the air I could tell it was going to be a special day. The date was October 30, the day that I was... (more »)
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