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My Happy Place

June 13, 2018
By nicjebrown BRONZE, Charlottetown, Pennsylvania
nicjebrown BRONZE, Charlottetown, Pennsylvania
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June 2nd, 2016. The day is young and is brighter than ever. I sit down on the beach at my cottage by Panmure Island enjoying the UV rays burning my skin and working on my tan. Suddenly, a strong wind gust in and is followed by the loud rumbling like a drum coming from across the water. I started to make my way over to the patio to take shelter from the incoming storm. The sun starts to fade away, being covered by a dark grey cloud. I quickened my pace as the clouds started to build up in the sky. A moment later I then felt the first splatter of rain hit my face.

For this reason, I quickly took cover under my patio as the rain starts to pick up. I felt completely alone out there watching this beautiful storm approach me. I close my eyes and listen to my surroundings, I hear the rumble of the drums approaching closer every minute. Suddenly, the birds become silent and take shelter in the forest from the incoming storm. For a split second, there is a peaceful silence, I felt as if I was the only living thing in miles of my cottage. Immediately after opening my eyes a split second later a dash of lightning strikes over the water commencing a large downpour.

The temperature in the air starts to drop. The rain is coming down hard now like a high pressured shower. It is falling so fast I can barely see my cottage. It sounded like the buzzing of angry bees. The forest comes to life and the trees are moving and shaking side to side making it sound like it was attempting to talk to me. The snapping of branches, the wind whistling through the trees. I then see a birds nest fall out from one of the trees. Because of this, the strong wind had blown heavy raindrops onto my patio, splashing off the wood deck into my face. The branch of my apple tree snaps off and had fallen into my yard.

After the long storm, the wind starts to die down. The storms start to pass over and the sun starts to peak out of the dark clouds. The fresh smell of worms starts to fill the air after the rain had soaked the earth. Defenseless worms had attracted birds that then started eating the worms and apples from the effects of the storm. The birds were singing and chirping as the sun started to pierce through the darkened clouds and getting rid of the storm. The sun starts to bring life back to water and cottage. I’m struck with emotion as I turn to my left and see a memorizing rainbow of all colors touchdown across the water. A pathway from heaven to earth.

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