All for One

May 11, 2018
By AnthonyR BRONZE, Indianapolis , Indiana
AnthonyR BRONZE, Indianapolis , Indiana
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"If you aim at nothing you will hit it every time."

There was once a young man that had a hard life. His father was barley there for him and his mother was addicted to drugs. His grandfather could not support him that much but gave him a gun and told him to keep safe. His grandfather didn't want the young man to get hurt from his parents absences. The young man was broken and had a very bad temper. His temper was built up from depression he was tired of being hurt so much. He would grow a bond with someone but they just give up and leave. Hes says “god puts the strongest people through the hardest path.”

The young man played sports to take his anger out on the field. His coaches knows what he has been through so they push him harder through everything. They pick him up everyday for practice to make sure he isn't getting in trouble on the streets. They don't want any of their players to get hurt or end up in trouble, but this young man doesn't care about his life and is tired of struggling so he will do what he hast to have the nice things in life. He thanks his coaches daily for keeping him safe and out of trouble.

But one day came and the young man needed to talk to his father. He called his father but the phone kept ringing and ringing. His mother picks up and says your father is uncaches and I don't know what to do. The young man hands the phone to his coach and breaks down and cries. He is officially broken he is tired of life. He just wants to have a normal life not a life where he doesn't know what he is eating for dinner.

The young man runs home, he runs as fast a Usain Bolt to try and get home to help his father. He gets there and his father is dead. The young man runs to his room and grabs his gun. He goes to the drug dealers house and walks straight in without a knock. He sees the dealer and makes eye contact. He lets the gun reload and murders the dealer. The young man runs for his life getting away from the house. He goes to his coaches house and tells him what he has done. His coach lets him hide out until his father's funeral.

At his father's funeral his mother walks in higher than a kite. He sees how messed up she is and breaks down and cries. She comes up to the front where her seat is saved. She sits and spills a drink all over the place. The young man's grandparents and big cousins and disgusted of her and go off on her during the funeral. The young man sees all this at his father's funeral and just gives up.

He runs home and grabs his gun. He talks to himself and just thinks about what his father wanted, wanted him to be but is tired of hurting. He glocks the gun and grabs the trigger. He puts the gun up to his head and lets the tears run onto the barrel. But he remembers that “god puts the strongest people through the hardest path.” He will never give up.

The author's comments:

I wrote this story about my life but in a diffrent perspective. I wrote it in someone elses shoes and changed it up a little so it wasnt just like my life.

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