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May 10, 2018
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Ever since the fifth grade, I have been blessed to be able to call the stage my home and to have learned so many lessons from it. I walk up on that stage and feel the light on my face, and that’s when I realize I can be whoever I want to be and nobody will judge me for it. Although the rehearsals can be tiring, they’re always worth it in the end when I get to perform in front of an audience. Every performance is different and brings its own challenges, but no matter what happens I know I will be able to make it work. No matter how big I mess up or how many lines I drop, I can’t stand on stage frozen, disappointed in myself. Instead I have to keep going and finish my performance out to the best of my abilities. This has made me learn the important life lesson that I can’t keep dwelling on my past because you can’t fix your past but I can work hard to make my future better for myself. One of the best and worst feelings in theatre is the end of a show, because I feel accomplished but at the same time I don’t want it to end because of all the memories and friendships I have made. This has taught me that when one door closes another opens, because after the end of each show there is always another one in the future that I have even more fun with.

Along with teaching me life lessons, theatre has also changed me for the better in many ways. If it weren’t for theatre, I wouldn’t be nearly as outgoing as I am today and I would be a lot more self conscious. This is because being up on stage has taught me to truly be comfortable with myself and not care as much what others think about me. Also, I am now able make friends quicker and am not afraid to go up to new people or go beyond my comfort zone due to the fact that I’ve had to approach new people and go beyond my comfort zone multiple times during rehearsals and shows. Although I do not plan on going into theatre in college, theatre and the second family it has given me will always have a special place in my heart and for now I will enjoy the time I have left doing what I love.

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