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My Savior

May 14, 2018
By Anonymous

I went through serious depression and ignored anything and everything, and took most of my time watching tv I got bored one day and decided to watch the first episode of MLP and then before I knew it I finished the first season and got up the courage to actually go do something about my "lazyness". I sat down with one of my friends and actually enjoyed myself for a while. Until the bulling came up at school..

I went to school with a MLP bookbag and wouldnt stop getting s*** about it. I worked through the laughing and pointing. In the end people gave up and accepted that they werent affecting my feeling toward what I love. Cause of what I was doing believe it or not some others came out and said that they watched the show before and actually liked it. Two of them today are my best friends. Its been 3 years since we graduated and our love for My Little Pony still stands. Basically what Im trying to say is that in order to be happy say or do what you like or love and you will more than likely find forever friends or someone who gets you. I have always loved My Little Pony my room is surrounded by posters and stuff, like figurines. Some people make fun of us Bronies but because of MLP I came out from my shyness and actually tried talking to people that scared me or that I dont usually talk to. So please feel comfortable with what you love and In the end it could save you. Sorry for ranting but I needed to say it. Thank you for reading. MLP FOR LIFE <3

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