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Life Is Life and Don’t Get Upset

May 11, 2018
By Petersen BRONZE, York, Pennsylvania
Petersen BRONZE, York, Pennsylvania
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If you meet an 89 year old man in a nursing home, suffering from Dementia and Parkinson’s disease, and you ask that man how he’s doing, “It’s the best day of my life” is not an answer you would expect to hear. My grandfather is this 89 year old man in the nursing home. He was born in 1928 so he grew up during the Great Depression. He was a soldier in the Korean War. And he is now suffering from Dementia and Parkinson’s. Despite everything in his life, his attitude is always positive. Therefore, I believe life is good.

As I had mentioned earlier, my grandfather has Dementia and Parkinson’s, so he has a pretty rough life right now. He lives in a nursing just up the road from our house. He has a tough time remembering things sometimes, but he still functions pretty well. I have always admired my grandfather because he is just always in a good mood. The other day I went in to say hi to him and he responded with “It’s the best day of my life!” I wasn’t anticipating this, due to the fact that he probably did not fully know who I was. It is just those little things that make him who he is. His positive attitude even in the toughest situations has led me to believe that life is good if you make it good.

My belief means that I can make life good, if I make it good. There is no such thing in life that tells you life has to be good or bad, one just has to pick which path to follow. My grandfather picked the path to a good life. He did not pick Dementia or Parkinson’s, but he did pick how to react to it. As I said before, he has always been a positive guy, even in the toughest situation.

Other people should learn from my belief because it will make life a lot easier to go through. Do not think about the negatives of every situation, but the positives and pursue your dreams to make life good in the sense of what you want it to be. I believe life is good if you make it good. No matter what happens to you in life, if you get a disease or disorder, have to serve in the military, or anything else, look for the positives.

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I had to write a "This I believe essay" for English, and I just got really into it. 

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