May 9, 2018
By Anonymous

Once upon a time I and my family was on our way on vacation but was stopped because on our way out the city our home alarm had started going off so we instantly headed back to the house which was about 2 miles back east from where we were at so soon as we pull up to the house we see everybody standing outside on our block looking towards our house so we all get out and enters the house as soon as I step foot into the house after my mom I see a whole lot of glass so someone appears to had broke in . I go into my room and my tv and game are gone, clothes are all over the place so everyone starts to check their things a couple more things are missing from my siblings room so we make a report , so next day I'm at my friends house and I see him with a pair of my little brother shoes and I just knew they were his, was it really worth our friendship?o the next day after everything had already happened my mom still decides to go on vacation but this time she decides to go but leave her kids at home so we could watch the house . so my mom is packing her things all over again finna get ready to leave again we hear a knock at the door so were guessing who it is , my mom opended it and its my friend jalen that broke into our home now him and his mom are trying to bring all the things that was stolen back because the police are now being involved . but we told them its too late you now have to face the consequnces .hat I have learned from my story is everyone is not your friend no matter what you think u just can't trust everybody causes even the ones that you are the closest too will still do you dirty this experience made me a better person because now I know I cant trust everyone and I can't get too comfortable with my so-called friends, oh and I also learned don't let everybody in your house no matter how long u knew them they just might see something they like and go for it .

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