A Wonderful Wedding

April 30, 2018
By AAdd_22 BRONZE, Holgate, Ohio
AAdd_22 BRONZE, Holgate, Ohio
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The day was sunny, the birds were chirping, and it smelled of a fresh spring day. Saturday morning, as a seventeen-year-old, I woke myself up then put on the cute pink bridesmaid shirt and charcoal black leggings that my older sister Casey gave me. Around eight o’clock I drove uptown with my mom to the salon to get my hair and makeup completed. My older sister, the bride, handed me a chocolaty donut once we arrived there. I told her, ”Thank you.” I had a hairstyle ready by the time it happened to be my turn to get my walnut-colored hair beautifully done.

Once the stylist announced my name around nine o’clock, I was so excited to show her the hairstyle I decided to get. She stated, “I love your matching pink shirts!” I went with wavy curls with a few pieces of my hair pulled back. When the stylist finished, my hair was a struggle to keep together until the wedding in five hours. I didn’t think I’d be able to do it. After my hairstyle was completed, I then had to get my makeup naturally done. The kind, young woman who did my makeup had been very intelligent and experience. She had a large pile of makeup organized in her medium-sized box next to her station. She then asked me, ”What kind of makeup do you want?”

With everyone’s hair and makeup finished, we paraded to the church to have a light snack and get into our silky, smooth dresses. A wide variety of tiny, savory snacks awaited us  before we put our dresses on. I was so hungry I could’ve eaten the whole table! After everyone finished eating, we began to put on our dresses, attempting not to mess up our hair. At that time it was about noon we began to get ready to take pictures with the bride in her remarkably, beautiful dress. Her dress was pearly white areas featured silver sparkles around the waist. The dress poofed at the end of my sister’s waist down to her feet. She mumbled, “I love this dress so much.” I agreed with her completely on her statement. We were given time to relax after the pictures had been taken. Exhausted from such a busy morning, I non-surprisingly took a short nap somehow managing not to wrinkle my periwinkle-colored dress or mess up my luscious hair and beautifully done makeup.

Around one-thirty I woke up. Everyone had about thirty minutes until the wedding was officially starting. Those thirty minutes appeared to go by in a matter of seconds. I was so nervous. I fidgeted with my fingers as the wedding ceremony had started. Then before I realized it, I was walking down the isle in my bridesmaid dress onto the stage. I was so nervous! The flower girl and ring barer, my sister’s children, trailed behind me along with the bridesmaids. Finally, the doors opened and revealed my sister in her beautiful dress. She was as beautiful as morning mist. Escorted by her dad and step dad next to her, I become teary-eyed as soon as I saw my dad walk down that isle. He had questioned if he wanted to do it or not. I didn’t think it would happen because it was giving him so much anxiety thinking about being in front of everyone. Proud of him and my sister for this amazing moment, that I would remember it forever as I am sure my sister Casey will, too.

Afterwards, the whole party of bridesmaids, grooms and the newlyweds arrived on the party bus, which smelled of the magnificent scent of food, that we were going to take to the reception. Once we boarded the bus, we celebrated and gave a toast to Casey and Brandon. Everyone chattered about the wedding and talking about how excited they were for the reception. First, we had to stop at a few stunning locations in Defiance to get some pictures.

Eventually, we arrived at the reception. The decorations appeared gorgeous with the elegant lights flowing on the ceiling, and the lovely music by the DJ was extraordinary. Many funny, sweet toasts were announced towards the bride and groom, which was followed by the serving of  tasty food. After all ate their main dish, we made our way over to the cake table to watch the newlyweds cut the creamy cake, when the cake was as stunning as the décor. After the cake cutting, we danced the night away with all of our family members. My uncle, Richard, eventually took the dance floor over as usual to entertain and make sure everyone was having a good time. He tapped the floor beneath his feet. As I stood off to the side I was proud to be apart of my sister’s special day. As Casey and Brandon smiled into each other’s eyes, I thought to myself, ’I hope I will have my own wedding someday, too.’ This wedding made me both sad and happy. I went through an enormous pool of emotions. I didn’t want to lose my eldest sister, but I do know that Brandon, her now husband, will take amazing care of her and their children.

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